12 Ways to Make Every Room More Efficient

Many of us have spent a great deal of time in our homes over the past year – probably more than ever before. Throughout working from home, guiding kids through school from home, and generally having fewer activities, we’ve been home a lot, and nearly all of us would like to see things run a little more smoothly throughout the house. Keep reading for ideas to make every room in your home more efficient.

Max Out Storage in Every Room

You’ve already decluttered, so now what? Take a look around every room with a fresh eye or enlist a design or organization professional to help. In nearly every room, custom shelving and cabinetry, built-ins, or clever dual-use furniture can provide more organized, efficient storage than you’ve got now. 

Restructure Your Mudroom

Stop the mess and disorder in its tracks with a mudroom that works. The mudroom that was there when you bought the house or the mudroom you built when you had little kids might not cut it for your three teenage athletes plus a dog. Create a separate space for every family member within the mudroom by including custom cabinets, hooks, and cubbies, so no one has an excuse not to hang up their coat.

Don’t Forget Laundry Room Storage

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably spend a lot of time in the laundry room. Update the storage in your laundry room to make the room work better every day. Invest in custom cabinets to fit the space and hideaway detergent and cleaning supplies. Include a hanging rod to dry delicate clothes and a work surface for folding clothes right out of the dryer.

Store the Holidays

Designate a space for holiday and seasonal items so they don’t infringe on your daily life. An unfinished basement space can hold much more than stacked totes and toppling boxes. Install wire shelving floor to ceiling to take advantage of all the space you’ve got.

Reenvision Closets

Speaking of efficient storage, most closets are not pulling their weight in the efficiency department. Install the right kind of storage for your wardrobe, double-decker hanging rods, shelves or hooks for denim storage or display shelves for your shoe collection. If you’re ready for a significant change, custom cabinet systems can help you create a walk-in closet you may never want to leave.

Overhaul Kitchen Cabinets

Stop reaching into the dark recesses of your kitchen cabinets, trying to find the mixing bowls. Install pull-out wire shelving, so everything is accessible when you need it. Double kitchen cabinet storage with risers to eliminate wasted space.

Customize Bathroom Storage

The bathroom gets used a lot, and we use a lot of products in the bathroom. Ensure there’s a space for everything in your bathroom, and things are more likely to end up in the right place. Include enough hooks and towel bars, so no one has an excuse for leaving theirs on the floor. Commission a custom vanity cabinet to overhaul the space or install a wire shelving system within your existing linen closet and bathroom storage to maximize efficiency.

Dedicate a Home Office

If you’re still working from the dining room table, it’s time to admit that carving out a dedicated home office space will work wonders for your home life and work life. You might not need as much square footage as you think to transform your work from home vibe.

Don’t Forget the Garage

The garage is often neglected until one day, a chain reaction of bikes, hockey sticks, and hula hoops dent the car door. Garage storage can almost always be made more efficient simply by adding high shelving and storing out-of-season sporting equipment and holiday decorations up, up, and away. Go further and invest in a custom cabinetry system that stores and organizes tools, recreation equipment for the whole family, and a workspace for projects.

Find Hidden Spaces

Leave no figurative stone unturned when looking for storage solutions in your home. The space under the stairs may not seem like much, but add some custom shelving and say goodbye to your winter gear all summer long. Take advantage of a deep closet or space that extends under a low ceiling by including a track that pulls out for easy access.

Create a Playroom or Create Space

Whether your kids are little and their teeny tiny toe-wrecking blocks are everywhere, or you’re the one who loves to create art with your teenagers, try to find a space to corral the toys or the craft materials. Include custom storage such as open shelves to hold toys, paints, fabric, and whatever you need to play or create.

Let Harkraft Help

No matter where you start in your house, Harkraft can help you find solutions to create a more efficient home with custom storage like wire shelving, laminate cabinets for every room in the house, and the garage too. Contact us today to find out more.