Month: July 2017

Bathroom Accessories

How Updating Your Shower Can Add Equity in Your Home

The shower is often the cornerstone of any bathroom. Unfortunately, the shower can be easily overlooked, especially if it’s hidden behind a curtain. You want your shower to be both…


DIY Custom Mudroom Storage Lockers

One of the greatest challenges for any homeowner is simply keeping the place clean. Unfortunately, sometimes it can feel like the entire outdoors is conspiring to make your home dirty….

Closet Storage Organization

6 Innovative Ways to Use Wire Shelving in Closets

Are your closets in need of an upgrade? Wire shelving is an easy and effective way to increase the size of just about any closet. Flexible and versatile, wire shelving…

Pantry Organizers

Organizing Your Apartment Pantry

Does finding something to eat in your kitchen resemble a treasure hunt? Are your shelves filled with a random assortment of foods, boxes, utensils and who-knows-what-else? Space is often limited…