Month: September 2017


Home Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Not all of us can live in a mansion or penthouse. Through necessity or choice, some of us live in smaller than average homes, and that can pose a problem…


Mudroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

The mudroom is a great place to shed those layers and keep the muck out of your home. However, because this room acts as a receptacle for so many things,…

Garage Storage

5 Creative Garage Storage Ideas

A garage is a terrific place for storage, but a lot of us fall into the trap of just putting stuff in there whenever we need to without a plan….

Pantry Organizers

The Best Pantry Organization Ideas

If you’ve got a big family or just like buying in bulk to save money, your pantry is one of the most critical storage areas in your home. Because this…

Closet Storage

The Different Types of Closets and How To Use Them

There are few places in your home where maximizing space is more important than your closets. A well-organized closet saves you the time and frustration off digging through a jumbled…


​Top Minneapolis Contractors for Custom House Projects

When it comes to renovating or building an addition to your home, homeowners will tell you the contractor that you hire to complete your vision is an essential component to…