How to Design a Closet for the Modern Home

A modern home requires modern closets. Modern closets are the type of closets that provide plenty of form, function and style to the home. Having modern closets designed and installed in your home allows you to do more than store your clothing. Modern closets allow you versatility, whether they are used to keep your clothes hung, dry and clean or used as a dressing space in your home.

You may have purchased your home with standard closets. You know that the type, the ones that lack multi-function and are designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Standards closets store your clothes but lack any additional storage function or any other use for your dressing needs. In order to meet your modern needs you need to plan, select and design your modern closets.

Understanding the Types of Modern Closets

Before you begin the process of designing modern closets for your home it is important to understand the different types of closets to choose from for your plans. The principal types of modern closets available include the walk-in type, reach-in style and wardrobe closets. Each of these styles of modern closets provides different benefits for you, which you should consider as part of your planning.

Planning Your Modern Closets

Planning for the modern closets you want requires you to make a determination about the type of style that best fits your home. Walk-in style closets are widely known and a popular style choice for many homeowners. This type of closet is typical of master bedroom suites and other areas of your home that require lots of storage capacity. A walk-in closet has plenty of depth and can be designed to be as large as the bedroom itself if necessary. Walk-in closets also have the advantage of housing different types of furniture, such as vanities and mirrors, in order to enhance their functionality.

Reach-in closets are akin to the standard closets you find in most homes, especially older ones. These types of closets are characteristic of smaller spaces in your home, including hallways and children’s bedrooms. What makes this style closet modern however is the way you can customize the space to contain stackable shelves and cubes in order to increase your storage.

You may also choose to design for your home a wardrobe style closets. Wardrobes are fixed pieces of furniture that provide you with the storage space  you need. Wardrobes (as well as armoires) can be an important alternative for your home where adequate closet space is missing, Certain types of modern wardrobes can also double as dressing space or provide unique storage in tight places, such as crawl spaces and behind doors.

Choosing the Right Organization System

As you consider the type of closer you need for your home, from walk-ins, reach-ins and wardrobes, you need to make sure and consider the the way you want your closet to function. Choosing to design a modern closet for your home means that you are looking to transcend beyond the standard closet options available and create a closet that is most appropriate for how you store your clothes. In addition to determining your storage needs, which will dictate the type of modern closet you choose, you need to determine if your modern closet will serve any additional functions. If you choose a walk-in closet, you may want to include a dresser for additional storage. You may also decide to include a space for sitting and a full length mirror to help you when dressing in the morning (or evening). Your additional organization needs in your modern closet includes a place to put your dirty clothes (hamper option) and improved lighting options that allow you to see properly.

Making Sure Your Closets Fit Your Space

The type of modern closet you choose has to work in the space you have available. For most of us and probably you as well, you do not have the luxury of creating additional space in your home to accommodate a very large walk-in closet.  Take careful measurements in order to determine just how much space you have to work with. When measuring for your modern closets, make note of any additional space you may have to carve out for additional shelving or the storage of furniture. Careful plans and consideration of your organizational needs, including ensuring that your closet space is the right size will result in the proper transformation of your existing closet into the proper modern one for your home.

Once you have determined the type of closet that best suits your home, you can explore different ways to further customize them in order to make your new closet design the  best part of your home.