The 3 Best Ways to Store Your Shoes

When it comes to your everyday attire, shoes are a staple. Whether you’re going to work, heading to the gym, or running errands, you need a pair of shoes and more than likely, you’re not going to have just one pair. With multiple pairs of shoes, and in many cases multiple family members, you now you have the difficult task of figuring out how to store shoes in an efficient and organized way. You’ll want to make sure that you are storing your shoes properly to keep them in good shape longer, but also to prevent your house and closets from looking messy. From shoe organizers to custom closets, here are some of our favorite shoe storage ideas.

Shoe Organizers

One of the first things that may come to mind when you’re looking to organize yours or your family’s shoe collection is a shoe organizer. Organizers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms and are a great way to keep your shoes off the floor and easy to find. They can be perfect for a child’s closet to keep all of their various shoes together since smaller shoes may lead to losing a match easier in a messy closet. Hang an organizer on the back of the closet door or from the closet rack.

Don’t worry though, shoe organizers don’t just have to be for your child’s closet. If you’re worried about the look, you can opt for a more stylish organizer, there are even ones that are almost like a bookshelf, but for shoes. With plenty of options, you won’t have to compromise on design when it comes to keeping your shoes organized.

Mudroom Shoe Storage

Shoe organizers can be a great start to calming down an unorganized mess, but there’s only so many shoes they can hold. Plus, no one really takes their shoes off and immediately walks upstairs to put them away. This is where mudroom shoe storage comes in. We all hate when the shoes pile up in the mudroom or entryway, creating mounds of clutter and an unpleasant eye sore. Thinking outside the box and perhaps reconfiguring your mudroom storage options will be just what you need.

If you have a smaller entryway and not much space, consider adding a bench that either has a rack underneath for shoes or even a seat that opens up so you can hide them. This way you can keep your shoes off the floor where people could trip. On the other hand, if you have a larger mudroom, you have a little more leeway with storage options. If you don’t already have them, onsider creating lockers for each family member that have a place for a basket. That way, they can put their own shoes in their specific area rather than everyone’s being tossed into the same bin.

Insider tip: since most people’s mudrooms are off the garage, consider putting a wire shelf by the door in the garage to put snow and rain boots on. This way, they can dry off properly without getting your floors all wet and dirty.

Shoe Closet

Now that we’ve covered the bases with shoe organizers and upgrading your mudroom storage, it’s time to break out the big guns with a custom shoe closet. Whether you have a large shoe collection or a large family, a shoe closet might do just the trick when it comes to getting organized. The best part about a shoe closet it is that you can customize is to your exact needs and style preferences.

Wire shelving is a great option for storing shoes because it requires less maintenance, doesn’t collect as much dust and debris, provides ventilation, and can be configured to any closet. If you are wanting a shoe closet that is geared more towards showing off your shoes, then laminate shelving may be the way to go. Laminate shelving gives a more elegant, built-in look and would be great for showcasing some of your favorite shoe styles. Just like wire shelving, it can be customized to fit any closet or space.

Shoe Storage from Harkraft

If you are someone who has a large collection you want to show off or you just need a more efficient way to store your family’s shoes, Harkraft can help! Build a custom shoe closet or transform an existing space with the help of our expertise. Consult with one of our designers to choose the proper shelving and decide on what the best option is for your wants and needs. Keep your shoes organized and in the best shape by contacting us today!