3 Ways We Can Enhance the Beauty & Functionality of Your Home

Are you tired of backpacks all over the kitchen table? Using your living room as an office? You might be ready to consider custom storage solutions and creative designs for different rooms of your home.

Whether you are working with your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your entryway, Harkraft is the premier provider of Minnesota custom storage. We are prepared to help with your organizational needs to make your home functional and beautiful.

Here are five ways that Harkraft can make your custom dreams come true.

#1: Free Up Space in the Bedroom

The best bedrooms are always warm, cozy, and free of clutter. With the proper storage solutions, you can put clutter out of sight and bring that warm sense of elegance to your personal space.

Custom Cabinets

Harkraft offers custom laminated wood cabinets. Updated cabinets and shelving are the perfect solutions for creating more space in your bedroom and improving organization. These cabinets are available in various styles and finishes.

Best of all, wooden cabinets and shelving are easy to install and meant to last – which means less maintenance and hassle over the years.

Wall Shelving

This storage option for the bedroom presents ample vertical storage space, opening up the room while at the same time minimizing clutter. We offer both laminated wood shelving and wire shelving. 

These sleek and versatile storage solutions keep your bedroom optimized for relaxation while your belongings are stored away, and your decorations are placed in optimal locations. 

Make This Space Your Own

Finding the best custom storage solutions for your bedroom’s needs can be challenging. This is where customized projects from Harkraft come into the picture. 

We can provide a free consultation and estimate to help you choose the right solutions and tailor them to each of them to make your customized dreams come true. The result is efficient, elegant, and organized sleep areas that you will love.

#2: Design The Perfect Entryway

The entryway is the first impression of your beautiful home. This is where it gives the impression of what to expect going into your house. But, sadly, they are a hotspot for dirt, mud, and grime from the outside.

Storage Units

Suppose you are tired of seeing piles of shoes, coats, and other items in your mudroom. Harkraft can keep you keep the area spotless with the use of custom storage units. Our mudroom storage units help keep clutter, shoes off the ground, and items organized in a single space.

These storage units are perfect for holding shoes, jackets, and umbrellas. In addition, this is great for sports equipment and other difficult-to-sort items.

Wood Cabinets

At Harkraft, our custom wood cabinets and shelving are solid and stylish. They are built to last and are ideal for most storage needs. Whether you need to organize hats, shoes, or coats, do it in a way that will make the area functional while remaining stylish and welcoming.

When you have an idea of what storage solutions you want, we will customize your design to mesh seamlessly with the space while making delivery and installation easy.

Wire Shelving

Harkraft’s Rubbermaid wire shelving is the right choice if you are looking for a durable storage solution. This shelving can easily hold towels, outdoor items, and other small items in the entryway.

Wire shelving is also a great way to use available wall space to limit clutter and store items more efficiently within your mudroom or entryway, making this a beautiful area.

#3: Make Your Dream Pantry Space

A well-designed pantry isn’t just for show – it’s for making your kitchen dreams come true. With the proper storage solutions, you can save tons of time while eliminating kitchen clutter. You can count on Harkarft for the perfect custom pantry storage and make kitchen organization a breeze.

Laminated Wood

Our custom-crafted wooden shelving is the right fit for your kitchen if you need to create your organizational vision for any storage space. These elegant storage solutions are ideal for organizing and holding food and other kitchen supplies. 

Best of all, our wooden shelving is available in a range of styles and finishes to compliant your home’s design.

Wire Storage

Our Rubbermaid wire shelving is perfect for any pantry space. If you are looking for affordable storage solutions, our options make your pantry functional while also being a design that will highlight the room.

These wire shelves are perfect for storing ingredients, cooking utensils, and other kitchen essentials.

Create Beauty & Function With Harkraft

At Harkraft, we are happy to assist with your home renovations to ensure that functionality and beauty are top priorities when designing the rooms of your home. Our company has been building organized homes with builders and homeowners for over 50 years.

We are proud of our work and ability to collaborate with our customers to create the perfect home custom designs to make your house feel functional and beautiful. Contact us today for a free consultation or about customizing your home with new storage solutions.