4 Things That Can Stay and 4 Things That Can Go

One of the biggest reasons why people hold onto clutter is simply due to inaction. Once you bring something home, you might forget about it or just think to yourself: “I’ll use it someday.” You might plan on making a decision later but that time never comes due to how busy life gets.

Before you know it though, your home can begin to be overrun with clutter. It’ll start to feel overwhelming to think about tackling all of it. It doesn’t have to be this mentally and physically exhausting – especially when you break the process down as to what can stay and what must go.

So if you are asking yourself… what can I do with all of my stuff? Here are 4 things that can stay in the home and 4 things that can go.


The best bedrooms are warm, cozy, and clutter-free. By removing items that you do not need in this room and incorporating the right storage solutions, you can organize extra clothes, blankets, and other items with ease. With the perfect storage solutions, you can make your bedroom the perfect, clean space for optimal relaxation.

Items that can stay

#1: Extra pillows and blankets – You never know when someone may feel extra chilly or when you have some guests staying the night in your home. You always want to have extra pillows and blankets stored away. With the custom shelving and closets, these items can be stored easily with ease and without putting any access weight on other stored items.

#2: Accessories you love – There’s no need to cut down on the accessories that you love to have! With laminated wood cabinets and shelving, you can create a custom closet to store your accessories in such a way that they could actually bring your personal touch into your bedroom.

Items that need to go

#1: Old clothing that no longer fits – If you’ve been holding on to clothing items for years that you cant’ remember the last time you wore them, it might be time to consider parting with these older clothes. It’s always a great idea to have a routine system to clean out older clothes from the home and bring them to a donation center.

#2: Shoes that you haven’t worn in years – Your shoes should fit you well, look good, and feel good. After a matter of years and wear, all shoes eventually meet their demise. If there are shoes that are no longer serving your needs, now may be a good time to say goodbye, and thanks for the memories.


Garages have a lot to hold! Between vehicles, tools, equipment, and supplies – clutter can begin to take over. You want to be able to keep your garage organized with perfect storage created just for your space. 

Items that can stay

#1: Seasonal decor and activities – A lot of the time, garages tend to hold the family Christmas tree, holiday lights, Halloween blow-ups, and much more. There’s no need to part with these items, but they do hold on to a lot of space in the garage. With wire storage and laminate cabinet solutions, Harkraft can help craft the perfect system to keep everything in its rightful place.

#2: Tools and hardware – These items belong in a garage workspace. You want to treat them with proper care in order to keep your tools in great quality as well as easy to find each time. No one wants to be rummaging through their own garage to find the hammer. At Harkraft, we craft and install workbenches that give your workspace a professional and organized feel. 

Items that need to go

#1: Broken and old equipment – Some household items that appear to die on you may end up in a garage graveyard. If you have a dead microwave, a broken lawn mover, or anything else that no longer serves a purpose – it could be time to look into a proper burial.

#2: Old paints and chemicals – If there are half-used paint cans or partially used containers of different solvents and cleaning products in your garage, they could be a fire hazard or a swallowing hazard to children. They could be unusable based on how long they have been sitting there and temperature changes can alter the consistency and effectiveness. 

Storage Solutions with Harkraft

If you are in the process of sorting through what to keep and what to get rid of, Harkraft is here to help discover all of the options for your home spaces. With decades of experience, the designers are Harkraft are happy to guide through the process. Get in touch with us today to find out how to start loving your storage spaces.