5 Ideas to Organize Your Master Closet

You use your master bedroom closet every single day, and there’s no way around it, so making some changes to create an organized closet that makes you happy can have a pretty significant impact on your life. When you’re standing there looking at a sliding pile of sweaters or trying to find a matching shoe, it can seem like too big a task to tackle, but by following these steps, the job can be much more manageable.

Edit Your Closet

To achieve success, you need to begin with an edit and clean out of your existing wardrobe (along with whatever else you’re currently storing in your master closet!) There are many methods for going about a closet cleanout, and you can search the internet, hire a professional or ask a friend to help if you feel like confronting your clutter alone is too intimidating. Most methods begin by asking you to remove everything from the closet, so you have to touch every item on your way to putting everything away. 

Make piles of things you plan to keep, the things you love and wear regularly, and things to donate or recycle. Put the items you’ve designated to donate and recycle into your car right away. If you’re wavering on some clothes, some organizers recommend turning your hanger the wrong way. If you wear an item, you can turn it around, but if you don’t wear something after some time, you’ll be able to identify what goes unworn in your wardrobe. Anything that doesn’t belong in your master closet, like decorations or linens, should be found a new home in your house. 

If you share your master closet with someone, you will need to talk him or her into a similar purge so you can both start with a clean slate. Aim for the goal of separate his and hers spaces in the finished closet.

Envision the Possibilities

Now that you know what you’re working with, you can begin to think about solutions. This is the fun part. Consider all the ways you use your closet personally. Some people have twenty pairs of premium denim, while others long for a way to display and store an extensive jewelry collection. Now is the time to think about precisely what would make your closet perfect.

Creative Custom Storage

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider enlisting the help of a professional for a consultation. If you have space, a center island with drawers and pull-out trays could solve your jewelry conundrum beautifully. If you have always hated the way your boots flop over onto a pile, you can create custom boot storage at this stage. Don’t forget to include a spot for a mirror or some lighting so you can see all the corners and shelves.

Create Storage Solutions

You should feel free to create the closet storage that will make every day better for you. Every solution will involve some mix of shelving, hanging rods, and, possibly, specialized storage like bins, drawers, or shoe storage. If you hang everything except your shoes, line your space with hanging rods. Part of the area can accommodate a double hanging rod for tops. If the opposite is true, get rid of all but minimal hanging storage and opt for shelves. 

Install Shelves

You can measure and install shelves yourself or enlist the help of a professional. The choices are truly endless and can accommodate any budget or space. By using all the vertical space and each and every corner, you can use space more efficiently and improve your closet. Wire shelving is an inexpensive choice that can be easily configured to meet any need. They allow for airflow around your clothes and can hold 75lbs per square foot when installed. Custom laminate wood shelves give the closet a more custom look and can indeed be customized to create your dream closet. Install shelves, drawers, hanging racks, and any combination of hidden storage you desire.

Organize Your New Space

Now comes the fun part: putting your wardrobe back into your beautiful new closet. There is now a place for everything, and everything should go into its place. Make sure your partner is on board with the closet organization plan!

Keep it Up

Now that you’ve created a closet where you can find the clothes you want and store out-of-season gear and accessories as needed, make sure to put a little effort into keeping everything organized. His and hers or separate spaces for each partner sharing the space mean you have hopefully created separate systems that work for each of you.

Keeping it up also means periodically going through your wardrobe like you did to begin this process. Seasonal changeovers are a good time to take stock of what needs to be donated, repaired, or replaced. 

Help From the Experts

The idea of creating customized storage solutions for your master bedroom closet might be a job you are excited to do on your own, measuring and installing shelving and components, or the idea may be very intimidating. Wherever you fall along that spectrum, Harkraft can help you get started. Contact us today to talk about creative storage solutions or to schedule a consultation. With our years of experience, we would be happy to guide you through.