5 Reasons to Update Every Closet in Your House

The closet: an easily forgotten space that is underutilized and underappreciated. Your closets house everything from fine clothes to greasy tools. Left unchecked, your closet can evolve into a cluttered, jampacked mess. It may take you three times as long as it should to find something to wear or to track down that cleaning product. Given enough time and neglect, you may not even recognize 80 percent of the closets’ contents.

Of course, it’s pretty normal to have an unkempt closet. If it wasn’t, industries like ours would struggle. But know that these spaces shouldn’t be a burden to you. In fact, closets represent opportunities you may not have thought about – opportunities, that is, for optimization and transformation. In other words, when we use terms like “storage solutions,” we absolutely mean them. Keep reading for a list of five good reasons to update every closet in your house.

#1 Peace of Mind

You know that feeling when you finally put the work in to clean out your garage or give your car the overhaul it needed? Imagine how much greater the peace of mind will be every time you open your closets to find a clean and organized system – especially if you’ve lived through years of chaos in your storage spaces. With a custom approach to your closets, that refreshing cleanliness will welcome you every day.

#2 Efficiency

When we talk about efficiency, we’re referring to two things: 1) time and 2) convenience. You can spend five minutes digging around or thirty seconds in a more organized system, finding you’ve got an extra bit of time to relax before starting work. But of course, your bedroom closet isn’t the only one in the house. Let’s not forget about utility closets and pantries. The right organization to these spaces can put you within a quick arm’s reach of what you need when you need it.

#3 Clean Surface = Happy Home

In a similar vein as that peace of mind you can achieve with a fresh new closet system, just think about the satisfaction that comes with clutter prevention. Even the cleanest of people succumb to leaving this or that lying around – magazines on the counter, clothes on the bedroom floor where nobody but you can see them, puzzles unfinished. Keep your surfaces clean and your rooms tidy by storing some of that stuff in an optimized closet.

#4 A Cohesive Look

Custom storage solutions can be executed to match the aesthetic of your home, and they should. When was the last time your aesthetic was updated? And if it has been a while, how is the look of your closet fairing. The fact of the matter is, even the most thorough designers can overlook the lowly closet.

We’re here to tell you: your closet does not have to be solely functional. From uniquely installed dresser drawers to custom shelving and elegant mirrors, a dull space can be unified with the style of your home to both serve your practical needs and your senses.

#5 Your Home Deserves the Transformation

Imagine the closet in your entryway. Your guests are likely to see it almost immediately upon arrival. Is it packed with clothing from every season? Is the wire shelving stuffed with a random assortment of cleaning products or toys or electrical wires (you know, the mystery adaptors – you have no idea where they came from)?

Even the most laid-back person cares at least a little bit about the impression they give their guests. Your home is a beautiful and at times a sacred place. It should have efficient and optimized closet systems that reflect its value.

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