5 Tips for Mudroom Storage Organization

Mudroom and Foyer Organization

When you or anyone else steps foot inside your house, your foyer will be the first thing that’s seen and the first impression that’s made. Make sure you have a good mudroom storage organization system going on for all your coats, hats, shoes, boots and umbrellas with Harkraft’s 5 handy tips.

Basic Mudroom Storage

Harkraft has several different types of mudroom storage organizers where you can neatly stow all your gear and be able to access it easily. With a combination of bins, baskets, hooks and rods, how your mudroom storage organizer looks is limited only by your imagination. If you’ve got kids or a lot of shoes, more baskets and pull-out cubbies will help keep footwear out of the way. But if you’re going to be hanging up a lot of jackets and coats, try converting some of the shelves into another rod where you can hang them, or attach hooks there instead. And if you’ve just got a lot of everything? Try attaching some hooks to the wall and save the storage organizer for smaller, flatter articles.

Mudroom storage

Garage Storage

Garages are a vastly undervalued space in terms of the kind of storage they can provide. While it may be impractical to head there each time you come home, garages can be a great place to store bigger items, or ones that aren’t used as frequently. By keeping things like umbrellas and most coats, you can free up your mudroom storage organizer for more of the essentials.

Create Your Own Organizer

Whatever you think of, Harkraft’s designers will be there to make it happen. If you decide that you like wire shelving as an option because it can hold up to 75lbs/ft, we can add more in. And if it’s laminate shelving that makes your heart beat quickly, that’s fine, too! Harkraft designers can easily add, omit or alter the design of your mudroom storage organizer to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Once you’ve picked out how all the baskets, bins and hooks are going to fit together, and how much wire shelving or laminate shelving you want, the next step is to pick what color you want. With seven base colors on the palette and custom options available by special order, we can just about guarantee that your mudroom storage organizer won’t look like anyone else’s.

And if this is your first order with Harkraft, we want to welcome you with 25% off!