5 Ways to Organize Your Reach-In Closet

Having a reach-in closet sometimes comes with the predisposition that it will be hard to keep uncluttered. With a reach-in closet, you don’t have the luxury of being able to walk into it. That being said, there might not be a lot of space—but it’s not impossible. You won’t have to be afraid of opening your closet doors in front of guests anymore with a clean, organized closet. And with these tips, your reach-in will be the envy of all your friends.

1. Purge Unwanted Items

When it comes to getting your closet organized, the first thing you should do is go through every item and decide if you need to keep it or not. Most of the time, closets become cluttered because we have too much stuff we don’t want to throw away, but don’t necessarily need anymore.

Make a couple of piles—such as things you wear or use all the time, things you wear or use occasionally, and things you haven’t worn or used in six months or more. Decide whether you actually need or just want some of the items in the last two piles. And be sure to donate the items you’re purging or give them to friends and family.

2. Create a Custom Reach-In Closet

If your closet is in need of a makeover, consider reconfiguring it and creating a custom design to better suit your needs. The type of shelving that you use will be the first thing that you want to look at—wire shelving or laminate shelving.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving in closets is one of the best ways to organize. It can help maximize the amount of space you can use without making your closet feel cluttered. Wire shelving helps properly ventilate your clothes and shoes, making it less likely to accumulate dust and debris. It’s easy to clean as well, and able to hold up to 75 lbs of weight. Plus, you have increased visibility of your stored items, making it easier to find what you need.

Laminate Shelving

Laminate shelving is a great option for those who want an aesthetically pleasing, but functional closet. Although laminate shelving takes up more space, it can be custom fit to your closet’s specifications. Laminate shelves can help you achieve a “built-in” look, yet are adjustable and interchangeable to accommodate future needs. Create a design that includes drawers and a place to hide that laundry basket.

3. Add Baskets

Baskets can be a great way to get the most out of a small reach-in closet. Baskets can hide shoes, socks, or other small accessories and can be aesthetically pleasing, as well. As a bonus, if you have hanging baskets they can free up some shelving space.

4. Utilize Hangers

Don’t neglect hangers or hanging organizers. Utilize the same kind of hangers throughout your closet. If you use multiple different styles they can be different sizes and cause more clutter throughout. Also, try to hang your clothes the same way each time. Make use of the back of your closet door for hanging items, too. This space can sometimes be neglected but provides an opportunity to make room for other items that could be placed on the shelves. Shoe storage or accessory organizers are great options for the back of the door.

5. Create a System

Without having a system, even the most efficient closet design can go to waste. Decide what you’re going to hang and what you’re going to fold and place on the shelves. Which items will go in baskets and which will be in a hanging organizer? Creating and sticking to a system will ensure that you’re always organized.

Use Space-Saving Bags

If you have a smaller closet and not a lot of extra storage space elsewhere in your home, consider using space-saving storage bags. Put seasonal clothing items in them, as well as heavier blankets for the colder months. This will help you free up some space for items that are more relevant at certain times of the year.

Create Your Custom Reach-In Closet with Harkraft

If you’re ready to take the plunge into organizing your reach-in closet, Harkraft can help. With over 40 years of organization expertise, one of our certified installation representatives can help guide you to the storage solutions that fit your home and your life. Contact us today to get a start on organizing your closet and home!