6 Home Updates You Can Do on a Budget

Raise your hand if your home is feeling a little stale right now? Combine the usual restlessness of spring with the fact that many of us have been staring at our four walls for more than a year now, and nearly everyone is ready for a little home update. 

Sometimes, you need a change but don’t have the budget for an extensive renovation. Don’t give up! Keep reading for some tips on things you can do to spruce up your space so you can enjoy the satisfaction of a renovated home without the big-budget projects.

Update Your Storage

Indeed nothing can transform your home from cluttered and never quite as neat as you’d like to everything-in-its-place and polished like custom storage. Every room can benefit from some updated storage solutions.

Custom cabinets in the mudroom or entryway mean everyone will know where to put their things when they come in the door, so they’ll have no excuse not to do it. Turn this hard-working space into a showstopper by updating custom cabinets. Include wire shelving inside with pull-out bins for outdoor gear and hooks and hanging space for coats and bags.

Include custom shelving and cabinets in any room for a touch of glam, built-in style. Floating credenza-style units in the living room can hold electronics out of sight under the TV to transform the room into a stylish entertainment space.

Upgrade Standard Finishes

It can be easy to let time get away from you. You meant to choose paint colors that reflected your style goals, or you meant to get some great designer wallpaper for one accent wall, but it hasn’t happened. Take that step and reap the benefits of a totally transformed space.

Look around your house at any light fixtures you didn’t choose yourself or reflect a different design goal or an earlier version of your style. Swap out fixtures for something new or treat yourself to an attention-getting light fixture over the dining table, in the entry, in a master bedroom or bathroom, or anywhere else.

Add lighting and play with light in any room to change the feel of a space. Add a variety of light sources to take a room from day to night. Lamps, overhead lights, and mirrors should all have a place in your lighting plan. 

Use custom mirrors to play with light in a room. Treat a large mirror as a piece of art over the mantle, leaning against a wall as a way to delineate zones. Include mirrors in the mudroom and entryway to reflect light and to give yourself a chance to check yourself on the way in or out the door.


Change the look and feel of any room in the house by updating the accessories, large and small. In a bedroom, change out the bedding, and don’t forget about creating layers of texture with throws and pillows.

Invest in a new area rug in the living room to transform the space. Coordinate rugs and throw pillows to create a planned look. Update one piece of furniture for a big impact without moving any walls. Turn a sitting room into a cozy family living room by investing in a deep, sectional couch that invites everyone to stay a while. 

Carve Out a Home Office

Whether you’ve been working from the kitchen table or you’ve started to work back in the office, it seems likely that the future of work will include some working from home. Removing your laptop from the dining room and using custom cabinets and shelving to create a dedicated workspace. 

Go Big in One Room

One way to make a big difference in your home without completely breaking the budget is to choose one room for now and spend your time and money there. Turn the master bedroom into a retreat by remaking a closet with custom cabinets. 

Upgrade a space where you spend a lot of time, like the laundry room, for a big impact. Treat a neglected spot like the laundry room or mudroom like a jewel box with custom cabinets that complement your style, and paint or paper the walls with precisely the look you want. 

Work With Harkraft 

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