6 Storage Projects to Consider Amid a Pandemic Winter

It’s time to plan for another winter spent mostly at home with family members. Since we’ve already logged plenty of home-time over the past year, we know what we’re facing, and there’s a good chance you would like to make some adjustments to make your space more efficient and more of a refuge. 

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you contemplate making updates to your home, so we’ve put together a list to help you consider the possibilities. Keep reading for six projects to consider in your home.

1. Garage and Workshop

The garage is perhaps the easiest mess to ignore because you can literally shut the door most of the day and pretend your bike is not leaning on the lawnmower, which is parked precariously close to a leaning kayak. 

Organizing the garage will help you access all the outdoor equipment you’ll need to make this a great winter. Find your cross country skis and dig out the old ice skates and get them sharpened. Start by throwing away, donating, or selling everything you no longer need. 

Talk to a professional about custom garage storage, such as custom laminate cabinets or wire shelving systems to corral and hang bikes, hockey sticks, and holiday decorations on the wall or from the rafters. Take advantage of newfound space to add a heater, task lighting, and a workbench for projects when you need a little alone time.

2. Redo Your Storage Room

The key to finding space throughout the rest of your house might lie in a more efficient storage room. When you can organize and store more in this dedicated space, you will have less clutter in the linen closet, the guest room closet, and everywhere else. 

Use all the space available in your storage room: shelving should line the walls higher than you can reach. Holiday or seasonal items are used only once a year and so are ideal candidates for being stored out of the way. If the room is large, install an island of shelves in the middle of the room, leaving enough space for convenient access to everything.

3. Closet Redux

If ever there was a time to tackle the closet update, a long winter spent at home is it. Begin by going through your wardrobe or the kid’s wardrobe and toys and purging those things that no longer get worn or played with. 

Custom storage systems designed to suit your closet are a game-changer. Install a system with enough shelving for the items you fold and store on shelves. Include only as much hanging space as you will use. If you are very tall and need to install the hanging rod higher, so your clothes don’t puddle on the floor, do it! In children’s closets, double up the hanging rods to maximize storage of little clothes.

Go for a higher-end look by working with a design professional to measure and envision a custom cabinetry system to hold everything you keep in your closet beautifully. 

4. Kitchen and Pantry

You may have started shopping a little differently over the past year, necessitating a pantry update. Maybe a newfound love of cooking or baking has meant more equipment to store in the kitchen cabinets. Create a more efficient system in your kitchen by installing wire shelving within the cupboards – include slide-out shelves to take advantage of deep lower cabinets without compromising convenience.

The goal for a pantry should be a visually appealing space where stored items are easy to see. Take advantage of vertical space and install pull out bins and shelves so nothing can hide. 

5. Hobby Rooms

Now is the time to move the craft making station from a cart and most of the dining room table to a dedicated craft room. Turn an unused guest room or unfinished basement space into a cozy, functional room where the family can spend time together doing puzzles, playing board games, crafting, or practicing whatever hobbies you share. 

Include custom cabinets and storage, so everything you need will be at hand but neatly organized. Include an island or other work surfaces, so you don’t have to wrap up that game of Monopoly when it’s time for bed.

6. Everywhere Else

You might be thinking that a craft room would be nice, but the laundry room has been falling apart for years, or the linen closet is packed so full the door is difficult to close. Chances are you know what you’d like to improve about your house. Almost every space can be made more efficient by the addition of a few customized storage solutions. 

Hide all the detergent and bulk paper towels in the laundry room behind closed cabinet doors and include a work surface for folding laundry right out of the dryer. 

Take a critical look at your bathroom storage and mark the last time you have to dig through a drawer full of possibly expired products to find your toothpaste. Install under-cabinet wire storage on a pull-out track to ensure your bathroom vanity works for you, or talk to a pro about what other problems you could solve with some creative storage solutions.

Harkraft is Your Custom Storage Partner

At Harkraft, we’ve been working with homeowners to solve storage problems with innovative custom solutions for a long time, and we’d be happy to help you remake your space in big or small ways. Contact us today to connect with one of our design professionals.