6 Ways to Make Use of Space You Already Have

You don’t have to completely remodel to transform any room into a more sleek and efficient version of its former self. Creating innovative custom storage solutions can remake any spot you want to refresh, from the kitchen cabinets to any closet in the house and even the garage. Keep reading for six ways to make use of your space with custom cabinets and storage solutions.

Transform Your Closets

There is truly no storage space more instrumental to the success of your home than the closets, and you don’t need luxurious walk-in closets in every room to take advantage of the potential of your closets. 

Both reach-in and walk-in closets in your home can likely be upgraded to store more look good when you open the doors. A reach-in bedroom closet is typically outfitted only with a hanging rod and a high shelf, and this arrangement rarely works for most people. You probably want to fold more of your clothes than you can conveniently store on that overhead shelf. In addition, you likely don’t need to hang only full-length items like dresses. What you likely need is a combination of shelves, shoe racks, and hanging space. 

For a budget-friendly upgrade, consider tearing out the hanging rod and single shelf and installing a customized wire shelving system in every family member’s bedroom closet. Include double-decker hanging rods for tops or smaller children’s clothes. 

Go floor to ceiling with wire shelving to take advantage of vertical space. Out-of-season items can easily be stored once or twice a year on shelves near the top, just out of convenient reach, since you won’t need access to them until the weather turns. Include shoe racks behind doors or along the inside walls to squeeze every inch out of the space.

For a larger walk-in closet, now might be the time to upgrade from the system there when you first built the closet or moved into the house. You know how you use the closet and what kind of wardrobe you have. Custom cabinets can turn a walk-in closet from a utilitarian space into a showroom version of your wardrobe, where everything has its place and looks like a design showroom when you open the doors.

Upgrade Your Storage Room

Gone is the time of tumbling piles of boxes or totes in the basement. With the addition of just-right-sized wire shelving units designed to accommodate your boxes of holiday decor or seasonal wardrobe, you can say goodbye to digging through every box. 

Make Your Garage Work For You

The garage is a place to park the cars, first and foremost. After that, it tends to be all about fun if you can find the fun stuff. The key to a successful garage store and keeping the fun stuff like bikes, kayaks, yard games, and tools for projects accessible is to go up. Get large items off the floor and keep anything precarious from leaning against the wall just waiting to fall onto the hood of your car. 

Use the ceiling or rafters to install hooks or pulleys to get large items like kayaks, car-top storage boxes, and out-of-season holiday decorations out of the way of daily activities. Line the walls with shelving units to corral bulky, awkward sporting equipment like hockey sticks and basketballs that are just waiting to roll off a shelf and under your car. Wire shelving systems can incorporate hooks, bins, and shelves to accommodate everything you’ve got. 

Custom cabinets can turn the garage into a project space by including a workbench and closing and locking cabinets to keep paint and tools out of little hands.

Carve Out a Mudroom

You may not have the actual square footage to dedicate to a mudroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap some of the benefits. Outfit your entryway or the garage entry with furniture-style built-in cabinets where everyone can hang their backpacks, take off their shoes, and find their favorite cap when the sun shines this summer.

Look Inside Your Cabinets

In the bathroom, laundry room, and especially the kitchen, your cabinets could probably work harder and do more to organize your life. Deep cabinets in the kitchen are rarely used to their full advantage because items pushed to the back are hard to dig out. Cull the clutter, then install slide-out shelves in deep kitchen cupboards so you can use every inch of space – even the deep dark back of the corner cabinet. Use wire risers and racks in cabinets that hold smaller items like spices so you can stack two rows of small things where formerly only one would fit.

Transform Any Room With Storage

Truly any room in your house can be transformed with the clever addition of innovative storage solutions like those we specialize in at Harkraft. For decades, we’ve been working with homeowners to find storage solutions like custom cabinetry and wire shelving systems that make every place in the house do double duty and look great while doing it. Talk to us today about how we can make better use of any space in your home.