7 Reasons to Update Your Home Cabinetry

There’s no way around it – we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our homes. In many ways, that time together can be a gift, but cooking three meals a day, and possibly working and distance learning all together every single day has probably also thrown into sharp relief all the things about your house you’d like to update. Read on for seven reasons to go ahead and update your home cabinetry today.

1. You’ve Meant to Do it For Years

Two years ago, you started to realize that your kitchen cabinets make you crazy, but it was easy enough to avoid because you were running around to soccer practice, lacrosse games, and weekend trips. Now, however, you might be looking at those cabinets every day, maybe all day, and it’s very possible that you’ve realized they really need an update. 

This realization can come in your kitchen, your pantry, the laundry room, or the master bathroom. Every room in the house is up for scrutiny these days. When you’ve done your decluttering, and you see that your storage room still can’t handle the load, custom cabinets are a great option.

2. Your Needs Have Changed

In the years (or decades!) since you remodeled your mudroom or installed a kitchen pantry, things have likely changed in your house. Maybe you built the house as a couple, and now the laundry room is handing the increased load of three kids who are always changing clothes. 

Maybe you built your dream kitchen when all the kids lived at home, and now you’re an empty nester, and you’re tired of keeping it clean.

3. Cabinets Are a Focal Point

If you want to change the room, there’s no way around changing the cabinetry. Custom cabinetry changes the mood and the look of a room by creating storage solutions to hide clutter or prevent it altogether. Beautiful custom cabinetry that expresses your design vision can completely set the tone for a remodel or redesign. 

4. Custom Cabinetry Transforms Your Space

Custom cabinets can completely transform a blank space in your home into an efficient laundry room where you won’t even mind folding clothes. Laminated cabinetry can turn a blank, empty room in your basement into the stellar storage room you’ve needed for years. The addition of custom storage like laminate cabinetry can turn a walk-in closet into a fully functioning office space. 

5. You Want to Stop the Mess at the Door

If you know it’s autumn because you find leaves in the hallway, you know you need to stop the outside mess at the door. Kids (and some adults too) have a habit of walking in the door, dropping everything they’re carrying except their dirty shoes, and traipsing dirt all through the house. 

Even working with the space you’ve got, you can talk to a pro or measure the space yourself. An expert can help you develop a plan to design and install a custom system including shelves, cabinets, cubbies, and hooks so that everyone in your family has a place to hang their backpack, wipe their feet, and stow away whatever outerwear the season dictates.

6. You’re Tired of the Obstacle Course

If trying to get to your car feels like a game of dominoes where one wrong move will cause a chain reaction of crashing bikes and dented car doors, or if attempting to do laundry means threading the needle between sorted piles of lights and darks, there is a solution! 

Your laundry room could be transformed by a system of custom cabinets that hides away your detergent and cleaning products and incorporates pull out bins for sorting laundry and a surface for sorting and folding clean clothes as they come out of the dryer. 

7. You Want Storage That Works For You

Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so! When you’re faced every day with shifting around mixing bowls to get to the stock pot, or your recent shopping habits mean that you’re storing more food in the pantry than you used to, updating your kitchen storage plan can help make your life easier. Installing wire shelving inside your existing cabinets can make your space work more efficiently. Or you might want to design a system of custom cabinets from scratch because you know exactly what you want.

Harkraft Can Help

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