7 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Organization & Beauty

Increasing your storage and organization for your bedroom update ideas becomes tricky fast. This is your sacred area. You want easy access to your beloved items but you also want to feel relaxed.

If you are tired of the clutter, shoes everywhere, or even just the constant search for things you know you have but can’t seem to find – it might be time to start putting together a plan for a custom design.

If you have been dreaming of organization for your bedroom, these are 7 ways to transform your bedroom into your perfect haven.

#1: Corner Shelving for Shoes

Maybe you have a perfect small nook in your room that could use some small, custom shelves or wire racks to create a floating storage system where you can have your cutest shoes on display and ready to throw on.

It offers a very practical way to store your shoes while also keeping your room neat and tidy. It’s no fun tripping over different pairs of shoes as you try to walk through a bedroom.

#2: Custom Closet Shelves

Make the closet of your dreams. Wire shelving is simple, stylish, and easy on budgets. Laminated wood cabinets and shelves can provide a very sleek and stylish feel to your bedroom. This type of storage option provides ample vertical storage space, opening up the room while minimizing clutter.

Wire shelving is flexible enough to suit any space and can hold up to 75 pounds per foot – making it a match for more bedroom organization ideas. Use this versatile storage solution to keep your bedroom organized and maximize available space.

Our custom laminated wood cabinets and shelving are a fantastic way to create more space for your bedroom update ideas. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these storage solutions will help you manage clutter, organize items and enhance the aesthetic of your space.

#3: Door Utility Rack

A door utility rack can offer some extra space to organize your accessories, make-up, self-care products, and anything else you might need to grab quickly. We often forget to use our doors for bedroom organization ideas because it’s a bit of a quirky part of the room to do so – but when it is utilized correctly, it really brings out a cleanroom that also shows off your personality.

This is an updated idea for a small bedroom or if you have a ton of beauty products you want at the ready.

#4: Floor-to-Ceiling Closet

If you can’t have a walk-in closet because of limited room space, why not have a floor-to-ceiling one? You can use this as a way to color-code the way that you want to store your clothes for an added decorative effect.

Complement the sleek and clean look by using decorative storage boxes or bins. The open shelving concept makes the illusion of a bigger space.

The best part is because it is open, you are sort of forced to maintain the neat and tidy organization for your stuff. No more midden unfolded clothes!

#5: Under-Bed Storage

Another excellent shoe storage location is under your bed. A lot of beds sit low above the floor; we tend to dismiss this as a storage space. You can make a pull-out storage area by using laminated wood to give it an easy, beautiful design.

This space is great for bedroom organization ideas. This could be a place for storing extra linens, seasonal clothing, or anything else that you might want tucked away.

#6: Above-Door Floating Shelf

An area often overlooked is the space right above your door. This can actually be used as a storage space, especially if you are working with a small bedroom.

This is a perfect addition for a bedroom to make the room feel bigger by giving this extra space off of the ground that can help decoratives or store away. Laminated wood shelves are a great custom solution and are offered in a variety of shades to match your bedroom aesthetic.

#7: A Custom Mirror

Looking to bring beauty and openness to your bedroom? This is the perfect custom addition for a bedroom to make the room feel bigger and more of an area to get yourself ready in the morning and to start unwinding at night.

Having the exact mirror that you need for your room can make the space feel cozy and just right. This is a must for your bedroom update ideas to beautify your room!

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