8 Reasons to Update Your Bathroom

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but the bathrooms rank pretty high on the home satisfaction – or dissatisfaction – scale too. There’s no denying an outdated, inefficient bathroom can really take away from your enjoyment of your home. On a financial level, an eyesore bathroom can take away from the overall value of your home as well. 

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to update your bathroom and how much or how little to undertake. Keep reading for some reasons to move forward with a bathroom update and some tips on how to fit the project into your budget and end up with something you’ll love.

You’ve Neglected the Bathroom

While you’re sure to get a lot of joy out of a renovated bathroom, it can be one of the easiest room renovations to put off and push back year after year. If you’ve got a guest bath or powder room, most people who come into your house probably don’t even see the master bathroom or family bathroom, so it’s easy to justify skipping an update.

The fact is, you and your family use the bathroom every single day, and it’s time to reap the benefits of a refreshed bathroom that suits your needs and meets your expectations. 

The Bathroom Isn’t Working for You

You know without even thinking about it if your bathroom isn’t functioning as you need it to. Maybe the shower is too small, and there’s a never-used bathtub taking up far too much space. Maybe you’re tired of balancing your products on a tiny vanity surface when you get ready in the morning. Maybe your kids are constantly battling over sink space and mirror time. 

Whatever the issue is, a refresh could solve it: tear out the tub and expand the shower with a custom shower door that maximizes your space, replace the vanity with a new one or convert a piece of furniture and make room for two sinks. Install an oversized custom mirror for immediate visual impact.

Add or Upgrade Storage

One of the major complaints about inefficient bathrooms is that they lack functional storage. People need to keep many things at hand in the bathroom, from makeup and hair dryers, extra supplies, towels and site-specific cleaning products. 

Talk to a pro about how you could add clever storage to this all-important room. Reclaim square footage by removing an underused tub and building a linen cupboard or custom open shelving. Turn a piece of furniture that speaks to you into a custom vanity with internal storage like wire shelving. Use the space between studs for shallow custom shelves perfect for health and beauty products.

Because You Deserve It!

Whether your budget is big or small, you can probably make changes to your bathroom that will bring you a lot of happiness daily. That is a good return on investment! Don’t wait until you’re ready to move out to make the updates you would love to live experience every day.

Complete the En Suite

Whether you ran out of money or energy after remodeling the main bedroom in the house, you may have stopped short of creating the en suite bathroom of your dreams. En suite bathrooms are a highly coveted item on many home buyers’ wish lists, so it’s worth going the distance and finishing the bedroom and bathroom. 

It Can Be Easy

You don’t have to knock down walls or move plumbing to make a difference in your bathroom. Consider changing out the plumbing fixtures for an instant update. Try something on-trend like black fixtures or simply upgrade from the standard hardware store fixtures you’ve been living with. 

Painting is the most budget-friendly way to make major changes in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. 

Another easy change to make is to change and add mirrors. A vanity mirror is essential in the bathroom, but nothing says you have to stick with a standard mirror. Look at custom mirrors to fit your space or customized framing to complement your new fixtures or lighting.

Updating the Bathroom is a Good Investment

Real estate industry sources point to a bathroom remodel as one of the most financially savvy investments you can make in your home. On average, you can expect to recoup about 70% of your investment, depending on your neighborhood, region and specific choices.

Overall, you can consider money dedicated to bathroom updates money well spent. Most importantly, you will get to enjoy your renovated bathroom whether you’re planning to sell your house soon or in the future. 

You Can Get Expert Help

There are many decisions to make when it comes to bathroom updates before you even get started choosing finishes. It can seem overwhelming, and that’s why it makes sense to call for an assist from the professionals at Harkraft

Our team can help you see the possibilities in your bathroom, and we can help you choose beautiful fixtures, mirrors, shower doors and custom storage. Talk to us today to find out more and start dreaming about an updated bathroom.