8 Ways You’ll Benefit From Custom Wine and Food Storage

It’s time for the perfect storage solutions for your food pantry or wine cellar. Take these beautiful spaces to have in your home and make your organizational dreams come true. Pantries and wine cellars are much more than just storage spaces, they’re essential to the dining and drinking experiences in your house. 

By keeping your items clean, organized and in great condition, these storage solutions make it easy to cook delicious meals and enjoy your wine at its best quality. Here are eight ways that you’ll benefit from customizing your wine and food storage.

#1: Wire Shelving for Food Storage

Need to fit all of the right groceries into your pantry space? It’s time to invest in custom wire shelving used by us here at Harkraft. This simple and strong storage option makes accessing your kitchen supplies effortless. Our wire shelving is perfect for sorting and storing ingredients, cooking utensils, and almost any other pantry item.

#2: You’ll Need a “First in, First Out” System

If you have ever worked at a restaurant or the food industry in general, you may have heard of a system referred to as “first in, first out.” This is an organization system that can be used for your home pantry. The items that you may have multiples of (beverages, onions, canned veggies, chicken broth, or boxes of cereal) should be stored in a way that puts the items you have had the longest in your pantry, upfront to be used first. The items that were most recently bought should be placed behind these items. Hence – first in, first out.

#3: Turn Some Shelves Into Drawers

If you install some custom wood shelves that pull out will allow you to pack your pantry full of food without worrying about losing the pasta sauce in the top far back corner that you can’t reach. Organize your drawers by item for more consistent storage. Not to mention, this is just a sleek-looking custom shelving design for your home. It’s not something that you see a whole lot and it makes your kitchen life flow so much better.

#4: Pull Out Cabinets

Don’t you hate trying to reach all of the stuff that’s way back in your pantry? It drives most of us crazy! Looking into having custom wood cabinets installed for your kitchen can make food storage very sleek and well-organized. Optimize these cabinets by essentially having the sides removed and turning them into drawers.

#5: Custom Wine Racks

Quality cellared bottles bring out each wine’s best flavors and qualities. This is why having a wine cellar is a must for any serious wine lover. Creating custom-built, climate-controlled wine cellars is the perfect way for storing valuable and expensive vintage bottles. Turn your assortment of wine into a stunning showpiece in your home.

Wine racks bring a sense of class to any space in the home. They are also an excellent tool for organizing and safeguarding your wine collection. Our strong, sturdy, and elegant wine racks are custom-designed to meet your project needs and vision. 

#6: Laminated Wooden Shelving

At Harkraft, our wooden shelving is a great addition to any pantry or wine cellar in need of more storage space. These sleek storage solutions are perfect for holding and organizing food, utensils, wine accessories, and of course – wine! 

Best of all, our wooden shelving is available in a range of styles and finishes to complement and finish your home’s aesthetic. You really cannot go wrong with these sleek designs for your pantry or wine storage.

#7: Use Double Cabinet Space

Having super roomy, deep cabinets can be a blessing in the storage area, but sometimes those little items can go missing or be incredibly hard to find. The use of cabinet inserts can solve this problem. You can add anywhere from three times to five times the amount of cabinet space by custom designing them in such a way to make your storage dreams start coming true.

#8: Stacking Your Wine In The Most Beneficial Way

Stocking, organizing, and managing your wine collection should not be stressful or time-consuming. Consider working with professionals to transform your wine cellar into the most optimal space for your wine collection. 

Discuss with the professionals how to design your wine cellar, stock your cellar based on how you are planning on enjoying the collection, and implement a management approach that works best for your cellar.

Benefit From Storage Solutions With Harkraft

Wire shelving and laminated wood materials are the best solutions to creating revolutionary storage options in many spots in your home. Figuring out the configuration or finding the right arrangement might seem like a big job. Harkraft has been helping homeowners create unique storage solutions such as wire shelving for a long time. We are always available to help you see the possibilities!