Admit It, You’ve Been Ignoring These Spaces

We can talk about it – clutter gets to us all, and it gets in the tightest of spaces. Organizing your garage comes with unique sets of challenges. How do you pull together your cars, toys, lawn equipment, beach chairs, cleaning supplies, all in one space?

Just about every household stores away items in their garages that they shouldn’t. They sometimes become a source of a dumping ground for the unwanted and unused items of the house. 

So let’s admit it: you have crawl spaces, mudrooms & entryways, and laundry rooms that could use some attention, a good clean out, and an organization plan for customizing the perfect storage and shelving solutions.

At Harkraft, we are here to help with specialty products (and installation!) that have become key in bringing these spaces to life with fresh appearances and better functionality.

Entryways & Mudrooms

Even if you don’t have an entire room for an entryway, you can still create mudroom storage in a small space. Laminated wood cabinets and custom-designed shelving can make this space incredibly functional for your home. 

Entry spaces can be frustrating – they are small, always frequented in passing, and take some thought on what would be the best system for the area. Great storage doesn’t need to be complicated either. A few modifications with wire shelving or a cubby-built workbench can create a perfect space to sit while getting your shoes on!

Use this space wisely and remember to keep your design fairly basic when creating your custom storage and shelving designs. This is a simple, functional area and you want to make it easy to breeze in and out of. Keeping your entryway or mudroom spotless and stylish is simple with Harkraft’s storage solutions. Durable wire shelving, cabinets and closets are the best way to keep these spaces organized and clean!

Laundry Rooms

It happens quickly – the disorganized chaos that can take over a laundry room. But when you put a system in place and invest in shelving and storage solutions, you are less likely to allow this clutter to build.

With the use of laminated wood shelves, you could create a folding station (or a countertop) over or around your washer and dryer. Harkraft’s laminated wood units provide a “built-in” look to your laundry space and can make all aspects of the room much more functional.

The perfect shelving could create easy storage for ironing boards, detergents, baskets, bins, linens, and just about anything you need in your crafty space. Wired units are great for hanging tools and cleaning supplies.

Cubby spaces made from shelves can create a cool look to folding and storing away towels, bedsheets, and blankets. Wire shelves can be used to create a hanging dry rack. There are endless amounts of designs and styles that can be crafted with Harkraft’s specialty products and installation services. 

When your laundry room is set up for storage success – the inspiration for putting in your own personal touches will be even more enjoyable.


To some, the crawlspace can be considered uncharted territory. People sometimes want to avoid the low-ceilinged area, thinking it’s nothing more than a lost cause in the journey for home organization.

Don’t give up on it! With a little elbow grease and planning, you can turn any dingy-looking crawlspace into a customized storage area. The improvement of this under-rated space can contribute to the overall comfort of your home. Once this area is storage-ready, it’s the perfect place to keep off-season items and use it for several other less-used things that you’ll still need around the house. 

Crawlspace storage is ideal for those items that you don’t use a lot but you also can’t get rid of. But if you haven’t taken a peek at your crawlspace for a number of years, chances are it might be a bit of a horror show down there. However, the situation can be salvaged if you put in the right amount of effort and planning.

While it may sound like a DIY weekend project at first, you may want to consider professional help to create the best storage solutions for this nifty area. Harkraft supplies and installs high-quality wire shelving that can be used to create an organized fantasy out of what could be a nightmare to many.

Optimize Your Storage and Shelving With Harkraft

Wire shelving and other custom solutions can create or enhance the storage options in these tough spots of your home. Figuring out the right setup or configuration or finding the best arrangement can be a big job. Harkraft has been helping homeowners find storage solutions for years, we’re always here to help you see the big possibilities.