Bathroom Design Tips for 2020

2020 has, so far, been a year like no other. Many have dealt with working or attending school from the dining room table, with the cancellation of sports and other activities, and the postponement of vacations or other things which used to keep us moving in and out of our house at a fast clip. This has been the year of simply being at home. Spending so much time in your home may have led to the desire to remake certain spaces. 

The bathroom is a room that can very quickly reveal its flaws. You might know precisely what you don’t like about your bathroom, but that can be difficult to translate into workable solutions. Whether you’re adding a new bathroom and designing it from scratch or making improvements to an existing bathroom, keep reading for some tips to consider before you begin.

Pinpoint Your Goals

Think clearly about what you’d like to change about your bathroom. Picture it! Go beyond listing “more storage” as a necessity and dig deeper into what you’d like to store out of sight in your newly remodeled bathroom. Cosmetics? Cleaning products? Towels or bed linens? Be specific and make a list. 

Think also about how you use your bathroom or how you would like to do so after your remodel. If you’ve been dreaming of a long soak in a deep tub at the end of the day, be sure to consider the tub carefully. If you’re very tall, you may want a longer bathtub to stretch out. How much space can you dedicate to the shower? What kind of products do you use in the shower, and where will you keep them in the shower stall?

Gather Inspiration

Now that you’ve set specific goals to keep yourself on track, it’s time to figure out how you want your bathroom to feel. What is the story of your perfect bathroom? You might have a general idea, or you might know only that your current bathroom is not cutting it. Do you dream about a clean, minimalist space with very few surfaces to acquire clutter, or are you hoping to create a welcoming spa-like room complete with plush touches and luxe finishes? 

Look through social media, especially Instagram, and follow designers or bloggers who inspire you. Scroll around and gather ideas. Buy some shelter magazines and catalogs from home stores you like. Talk to friends who’ve built or remodeled bathrooms about what they learned and what they wish they’d done differently. While you’re gathering ideas and shaping your vision, create a Pinterest board or an actual file of clippings, swatches, and photos. 

Talk to a Professional

You might feel energized to tackle a remodel on your own, but it’s worth spending some time with a design professional for a consultation upfront. There are many details that go into remodeling and building projects and an expert will know what they are. Bring your file or Pinterest board to the meeting. A designer will also be able to see your space with new eyes and help to translate your gathered ideas into a comprehensive plan.

Design professionals will also have facts at their fingertips that the average person doesn’t. Would that piece of furniture you love make an excellent vanity or will it overwhelm the space? How much space is standard between fixtures? How can you seamlessly work plumbing access into your perfect room without drawing focus? Some of the details aren’t fun, but you don’t want to neglect them.

Choose Finishes and Accessories

Choosing the finishes and fixtures can be a really fun part of the remodeling or building process. Still, there are a lot of things to consider. Plumbing fixtures come in endless variety and can help set the tone for your room. Flat black, more industrial fixtures can help offset glam touches elsewhere, and glossy chrome can set a totally different mood. 

Think about shower doors and dedicate a healthy amount of your budget to something you’ll be happy to look at and keep clean. Custom options for shower surrounds mean you can have nearly anything you want if you’re able to plan for it within the project budget.

Towel bars and hooks should be well thought out as well. You need to be able to reach a towel when you need one. Towel bars will be a visible part of your bathroom design as well, so make sure they’re not an afterthought.

The vanity mirror is also a reasonably big design commitment within the overall room. The options are endless, and that can be either exhilarating or overwhelming. Talk to your designer or sketch it out yourself. Consider the size, shape, and frame of the mirror. 

Work With an Expert

At Harkraft, we understand that your home is where you recharge and where your family gathers. Our decades of experience working with builders and homeowners means we can guide you through the process of creating your perfect space. We’re practically a one-stop-shop when it comes to creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Get in touch today to talk about your plans and find out how Harkraft can help.