Best Places to Keep Your Holiday Decorations

In the calm after the holiday season, you may be tempted to put your holiday decorations out of your thoughts. After all, out of sight is out of mind! Consider instead that now might be the ideal time to take a fresh look at all of your holiday decorations and where to keep them when they’re not draped over your mantle. Away from the swirl of a major holiday, you will have the time and the clear head to organize and store your holiday decorations in a tidy and satisfying way.

Organizing Your Decorations

It wasn’t so long ago that you took down holiday decorations inside and outside the house and stored them away. How did that process go? Was there room for everything, or did you need to stack totes full of breakables three high? Will you be able to find decorations you’re looking for easily when the next holiday rolls around? 

Sort Before Storing

Take a look at all the decorations you have. Get those Christmas decorations out and go through them again. When you were un-trimming your tree and bubble-wrapping ornaments, you were probably overwhelmed by the task and hoped to get the job done and off your mind as quickly as possible. Revisit the totes and boxes and sort your decorations.

Don’t forget any outdoor decorations you may have displayed during the holidays. If you take the time to store outdoor lights in a safe, dry place, you should be able to save yourself a lot of trouble when the time comes around once again to make your front stoop festive and bright. These are best kept in the garage or shed if you can find the room. If you have more space in the basement than the garage, bring everything down.

Finally, since you’re on a roll, include all the other seasonal and holiday decorations you may own. Christmas is probably the holiday with the biggest decorations footprint. Still, many people put out decorations for everything from Valentine’s Day to spooky lights and cobwebs in the trees for Halloween. While you’re tackling the project of holiday decorations storage, make sure to include everything so you can concentrate on the fun of decorating and celebrating when holidays roll around.

Create the Space

Now that you’re looking at all the decorations you own, you may feel like you’ve opened Pandora’s box. Pushing everything to the back of the closet might seem like an easy solution, but with a little bit of planning, you may be able to create new stress-free storage solutions.

Small Spaces

If you live in a small space, you probably don’t have as many decorations to store away, but your available space is probably minimal, and you’ll want to get creative. Take stock of all your closets, look high and low behind every closet door. In a closet with a high ceiling, consider installing sturdy wire shelving to take advantage of vertical space. Shelving can be installed high enough that you can’t easily reach it because you’ll only need to pull out that step ladder every so often to access your decorations. How about the floor? Any space underneath existing shelving or storage could be re-configured to hold some custom-fitted laminate drawers or pull out bins or cabinets. You can use the floor space in front of the cabinets for shoes or items you use daily without worrying about blocking access to the drawers containing your holiday decorations since you’ll rarely need to get at them.

Larger Homes

If you have a large home, you probably have dedicated storage, but chances are it could still be working more efficiently. When you have boxes or totes stacked on top of one another, every single needs to be shuffled to get to the bottom. The item you’re looking for is always going to be in the box on the bottom! Count yourself lucky if you’ve got enough space to stack boxes, but imagine how wonderful it would be to outfit your storage space with shelving designed to fit your needs. Wire shelving is easy to configure and assemble, maintenance-free, and able to hold 75 pounds per square foot. Rows of shelves can hold laundered holiday linens, which shouldn’t be stored in plastic containers long term, and you can customize the arrangement of shelves with slide-out baskets, bins and hanging rods to hold garlands or lights. 

Getting the Holiday Decorations Storage You Want

Looking around your home and figuring out what you need to make your storage system work for you might be right up your alley, or you might want some help. Harkraft is here for you either way. Send us your measurements, and we’ll send you the easy-to-install wire shelving system that might solve all your storage problems if you’re confident. If you don’t know where to start, contact our experts and let us help. We have years of experience and a variety of organizing and storage solutions to help you store the holidays away until next year.