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Clever Closet Storage Hacks To Improve Your Home

Whether you choose to live in a spacious new home, a small cottage, or just a nice size in between, closet storage always seems to be an issue – and coming up with closet storage ideas can be tough even for the most creative of us. Fortunately, there are a number of closet storage hacks that will maximize space and keep your clothing, jewelry, shoes and whatever else neat and organized.

Improving Reach-In Closets

In terms of space utilization, small reach-in closets can prove to be particularly challenging. These are the closets that have a single rod running across their length making it nearly impossible to retrieve clothing from the outermost corners without removing items that are in the way. The best way to solve this problem is to remove the long rod and replace it with one that stretches the width of the door frame. This will leave a surprising amount of space on both ends of the closet, which you can take advantage of.

In the newly provided space in each corner, install two tension rods that are set perpendicular to the new, door-width replacement rod. There should be one set lower and one set higher. Hang the top rod approximately 80 inches from the floor. This is a great place to hang out-of-season shirts and sweaters. The bottom rod should hang approximately 40 inches from the floor. This rod is ideal for skirts and other shorter items.

reach in closet storage: install two rods on the side of your reach-in closet to maximize storage space

Clever Shoe Holder To Maximize Closet Space

One of the most inventive of all closet storage hacks is the use of crown molding along the back of a closet wall, or just screw some up into the wall of your closet. This hack will also work on the inside of a door. Crown molding can be installed in a single row or in multiple rows to create the most unobtrusive and easy to utilize shoe organizers around. A mere 30 inches of molding can hold up to four pairs of shoes!

closet hack: crown molding shoe holder

Save Pop Tabs for a Creative Closet Storage Hack

Before recycling an aluminum soft drink can, pull off the tab and put it to work as the ultimate closet storage hack. Aluminum pop can tabs can be used to double the hanging space that a single hanger takes up. Simply slip the tab down the hook of a hanger, stopping at its base. Next, stick the hook of another hanger through the lower hole in the soda can’s tab. There is an instant doubling effect of your closet hangers. This hack is great for hanging matching items or outfits together for easy access.

closet storage idea: pop tab hangers double closet space

Shower Curtain Rings Do Wonders for Closet Storage

Never toss out old shower curtain rings. Coupled with a clothes hanger, they can become one of the best closet storage hacks yet! Simply clip the rings to the bottom wire of any clothes hanger and create an instant place to store scarves or neckties. This idea also works well on the side of a bathroom linen closet if you are looking for a place to store necklaces out of the way of the steamy shower. Simply pop the hanger out of the closet, make your selections and replace it. If you get really creative, you can even just use the shower rings themselves on rods to hang things like pants, necklaces and other jewelry. Not only can this handy little device help prevent wrinkles, it can hold an amazing number of individual items while taking up very little space.

closet storage optimization: use shower curtain rings to store scarves + clothing

A Third Rod Triples Closet Storage Space

When doubling closet space, people often install two levels of hanging rods without considering the possibility that a third rod can create even more space. One of the best closet storage solutions involves spliting a part of your closet and staggering the rods. See the photo below for an example. Place pants hangers on this rod to hang and organize long boots, store sandals for the winter or keep hats or purses by simply clipping them onto the pants hangers. The possibilities are limitless!

Closet storage improvement: add a third rod, stagger closet rods to maximize closet space.

Boost Storage Space with Closet Shelves + Boxes

Often, closets will contain upper shelves above the main rod. Unfortunately, without a good plan for organization, these shelves can fill very quickly. If you’re installing shelves yourself, make sure you know how much weight shelves can hold, so you don’t accidentally overfill a shelf and hurt yourself!

Closet Storage Idea: use shelves+ boxes to maximize closet storage space


A great way to store baby clothes and other small items on a closet shelf is to procure a number of Christmas ornament boxes or other types of boxes that have sectional compartments. A single section of a Christmas ornament box can hold up to a dozen folded infant tee shirts or onesies. Collect a number of these boxes, fill them with off-season items. Clearly label them and stack them up to three high on the closet shelf. For added flare, cover the exterior of the boxes with wallpaper or paint them in your favorite accent colors.

Use Sectioned Boxes to Organize Your Closet

Wine boxes that have sections are the perfect place to store shoes in a closet. Because wine comes in glass bottles, box manufacturers create wine storage boxes that are relatively sturdy. Inquire at any local liquor store to find the perfect boxes for this purpose. Most of the time, wine boxes are disposed of once the wine goes onto the store shelves, so asking the store manager to put them aside for you is a good idea.

Dedicated Day-of-the-Week Clothing Section

One way to save space, time and energy is to section off one portion of a closet and use it to hang an entire week’s worth of outfits together. Simply match the outfits you want to wear, place them on hangers together and add tags that note the day of the week you would like to wear each of them. This is a fantastic hack for kids’ closets and helps avoid having to go through the closet to dig things out every morning.

Slide Out Drawers for Linen Closets

A great way to keep linens organized is by installing slide out drawers. Most home supply stores sell drawer sliders. Simply install them, as desired, on the sides of the linen closet, insert drawers and enjoy an easier-to-access, better organized space.

To get even more closet storage hacks, read our blog post, Get More Out Of Your Closet Space With These Tricks.

Professional Organizers

Probably the best Minneapolis closet storage hack is to turn the job of closet reorganization over to a professional. Building companies such as Harkraft Builders can conduct analyses and help maximize closet storage by providing the best solutions for one’s storage needs. Whether the answer lies in wire racks, laminated closet organizers or in entire closet systems, a professional closet designer can suggest the superlative way to make the most of any closet. For instance, a professional might suggest wire shelving to allow for air ventilation and the minimization of dust. He or she might recommend behind door clothing concealment or vertical components for pull-out access to belts and ties.

It is always a good idea to hire a trained professional to create a well organized space that is pleasing to the eye and that adds a special touch to any closet. If you’re interested in imporving your closet storage system, contact Harkraft today.