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Closet Storage

Instantly Gain More Space with a Custom Closet – Custom Closets Minneapolis

Whether you have a single-family home or a studio apartment, chances are you don’t have enough closet space. Many people don’t realize that a custom closet design could maximize their space and create a storage area that’s more efficient and visually appealing.]

Custom walk-in closets are easier to make than you may think. Most people either hire an established company to develop and install the new design or order handcrafted shelving that can be used for a simple DIY closet upgrade project.

Closet upgrades are typically very affordable. They’re also an easy way to add value to your home while creating a clutter-free space with multiple additional benefits.

Harkraft offers three main options for upgrading your closets:

1: Create a new walk-in or reach-in closet with the flexibility to fit your space and your vision for reorganizing your home

  • We use white Rubbermaid wire shelving and laminated cabinetry in our designs
  • Closet shelves and hanging rods are available in 12” and 16” depths.
  • Linen shelving options without rods are available in depths of 9″, 12″, 16″, and 20″.

2: Develop a stylish storage space with a laminated closet organizer

  • Our laminated cabinetry products come in colors that can match any decor scene and with rod customization options in chrome, brass, or white.
  • The stock sheets are 4’x8’ in size and can be arranged in a variety of heights and depths to meet your needs.
  • Standard depths are 12″, 16″, 24″, and 48″. Drawers are 16″ deep by 28″ wide with heights of 5″, 7″, and 10″. Total vertical height options are 84″ and 96″.
  • Check out our Closet Storage Gallery for inspiration on building your custom design.

3: Work with Harkraft to make installing your custom closet system effortless

  • We have template options for wire shelving.
  • We will cut the shelving to the proper size for you ahead of time, making installation quick and easy.

Custom Closet Materials

There are two main types of materials used to create a functional and beautiful custom walk-in closet: wire shelving and wood laminate. While there are other products out there, these are the most common and also the most versatile in creating an array of designs and options for almost any storage space.

Here’s what you need to know about each of the two materials:

1: Closet Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a popular material choice for many different types of storage spaces and closets.

What is wire shelving?

As its name indicates, wire shelving is crafted out of wire mesh and is typically supported by metal supports that run through the shelf. Most wire shelving will include wire rungs that run front to back and a truss that runs along the length of the shelf.  

What are the benefits of wire shelving?

The design of wire shelving allows it to support a considerable amount of weight without losing its shape. As a result, wire shelving is known for being very strong. It can support up to 75 pounds per foot, making it perfect to store heavy items like boxes, clothes, shoes, and more.  

Also, because of its minimalist design, wire shelving allows for maximum breathability for your stored items, reducing the chance of clothes smelling musty or items developing mold. Finally, the shelving itself doesn’t take up much space, giving you as much room as possible to store your items.

Can you customize wire shelving?

From a design standpoint, closet wire shelving allows for some customization by creating different templates for different storage options. Shelves can be cut into a variety of sizes, and they can be arranged in different ways to provide sizeable storage spaces that are appropriate for a variety of objects and materials.

When is wire shelving the best choice?

Wire shelving is a user-friendly material to work with, and many reputable companies that offer custom closets will have design templates in this style. This is the right material choice if you’re looking for a minimalist closet to help you organize and provide functional space.

2: Closet Wood Laminate

Wood laminate is an excellent choice if you’re designing a functional space with an elegant look.

What is wood laminate?

Wood laminate is a synthetic product made up of multiple layers that are fused together through a lamination process. It has a similar density to wood and is manufactured to look like a natural wood product. This material is typically used to create the popular “built-in” closet look.  

What are the benefits of wood laminate?

Wood laminate has several pros. It is completely customizable and can be painted or stained to match any design scheme. With planning, it can be used to customize your closet space in a variety of different ways. Wood laminate can be used in shelving, doors, drawers, and other design components that can conceal parts of your storage space.

Benefits of a Custom Closet Design

Physically renovating your home to build a bigger closet and create more space is a time-consuming and expensive project. The simpler and more cost-effective alternative is finding a way to maximize your existing space

By developing a smart walk-in closet design (or using shelving to make the most of your traditional storage areas like pantries, garages, laundry rooms, and linen cabinets), you can create an exceptional amount of storage space in your home.

Maximizing your closet space can add additional value to your home. In fact, the New York Times reported that homes with upgraded closets brought in offers at tens of thousands of dollars higher than identical counterparts with standard closet designs. If you’re planning on listing soon, this is an inexpensive upgrade that can make the space seem larger and entice potential buyers to make generous offers on your home.

Upgrading your closets and reducing clutter has a positive effect on your mental health and overall happiness as well.

Design elements like clothing rods that curve around corners (or vertical components that create “pull out” hangers for things like ties and belts) really maximize your space while keeping your items visible.

An organized closet will save you time on a daily basis. When you can easily see your clothing and shoe options, you’ll save minutes that add up quickly throughout the week.

Regardless of the reason why you’re considering customizing your closet spaces, there’s a design solution that can meet your needs. Even better, closet upgrades can be simple and inexpensive projects that add organization to your life and value to your home.  

Questions to consider when thinking about having a closet designed:

1. Is your closet a reach-in or a walk-in?

2. If it’s a walk-in, does the door swing in or out?

3. Be sure to make note of any outlets, switches, vents etc. when determining the layout of your closet.

4. How much shelving for folded storage do you need? (sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.)

5. How many feet of long hanging do you need? (68 inches off the floor)

6. How many feet of double hanging do you need? (84 inches and 42 inches off the floor)

7. How many pairs of shoes do you need to store on closet shelves?

8. Would you like to have drawers in the closet? Do you prefer enclosed drawers or wire baskets?

9. Do you need provisions made for dirty laundry? (Built-in hamper or room for a floor-standing one)

10. What accessories will you need? (tie rack, belt rack, pull-out garment rod, hooks, jewelry storage, dressing mirror, etc.)

11. Do you need a custom color to match or complement the room?

12. Which shelves are the best for which room?

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