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Reach In Closet Design

Reach In Closet Design

With more than 80% of all Americans living in urban areas, apartments and condos are the hottest real estate properties. But while more people continue to flock to cities than not, space and storage become issues. If you’re thinking of redoing your reach in closet design, there are two basic kinds of designs: laminate and wire shelving.


Laminate Closet Shelving

Although reach in closet designs typically can’t fit more than a chest of drawers, it’s still space begging to be utilized. Designing it with laminate shelving is an easy way to take your reach in closet from plain to grown up sophisticated, showing the world you’ve got a modern sense of style. Laminate shelving can be painted, chiseled, beveled, carved and drilled, meaning only your imagination stands in the way of how elegant your closet can look.

Of course, the downside with using laminate shelving in your reach in closet design is that it takes up precious room. But really, it’s like dropping a squash ball into your water bottle. Sure, it takes up space and it’s noticeable, but not that much and especially if you go about things smartly. Remember to keep proportion in mind: don’t install 4″ thick shelves if your closet is narrow or shallow, as it’ll shrink the space even more.

Wire Shelving

When you’ve got wire shelving supporting your wardrobe in a reach in closet, you’re maximizing the space with absolute efficiency. Wire shelving takes up the least amount of room, its cross hatch pattern ventilates clothes well, and it can support up to 75lbs/ft. Wire shelving also works beautifully for the remodeler who doesn’t want a lot of hassle in maintenance and upkeep, as the most you’ll usually be doing is taking a duster in there to keep things clean.

But, as with anything, there are things about wire shelving that don’t make it appealing for everyone. The metal cross hatching can look a little clinical or dorm room-like, as the exposed wire makes it hard to dress up as elegant. And while it does support a great deal of weight, it also looks the part. If you’re not crazy about your closet sporting the utilitarian look, this may not be the reach in closet design for you. But the amount of space that a wire shelving reach in closet design opens up means there are endless ways of decorating it to exactly how you want it to look.

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