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Walk In Closet Design

The dream of modern urbanites everywhere, walk in closets offer a large amount of space where you can stow your wardrobe in a way that would make Henry Rosen jealous. There are two basic ways you can approach closet design: laminate, and wire shelving. With the former, you use wood laminate to create a “built-in” look that can instantly add sophistication and elegance to your closet. And with wire shelving, you get great ventilation and a support system that can hold up to 75lbs/ft.

Wire shelving walk in closet design

A walk in closet with wire shelving provides a clean, minimalist, ventilated look and feel.

Laminate Closet Shelving

There are tons of great choices when it comes to shelving types. Two great things pop out right away about outfitting your walk in closet with laminate: it can be easily painted, and the style possibilities are endless. Want an ultra modern look? No problem, just choose flat-looking laminate and paint or stain it dark. Itching to have a closet look Dickensian? Select a laminate with beveled and carved surfaces and corners, and paint accordingly.

As with anything you choose, there’ll always be drawbacks. There won’t be as much ventilation for your clothes, you’ll have to dust and spray-clean the laminate regularly, and it takes away a teensy bit of space from your closet. But if you’re the type of person who keeps on top of your cleaning and are willing to go in there once a week to dust, then this one’s for you.

Wire Shelving

A walk in closet with wire shelving doesn’t get any more minimalist than this. The support system takes up as little room as possible, provides maximum breathability for your clothes, and is super easy to keep clean. This design is great for people with a large wardrobe or who like to design a room without having to perform ongoing upkeep. The strength factor is also there in spades, with wire shelving able to support up to 75lbs/ft.

But this look isn’t for everyone, and there isn’t a lot of flexibility as to how you can design it. Wire shelving only comes in a limited number of designs, but this is fantastic if you’re not exactly thrilled about sifting through dozens of designs when all you want is a closet.

So, no matter what you choose, Harkraft is ready to help you intelligently reorganize your closet design and having you start off your day in style. Whether you decide to go with laminate or wire shelving, contact us online or give us a call at (763) 544-4478.

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