5 Dream Closet Design Ideas

More closet space is a desirable trait among homeowners and rivaling siblings. Everyone wants more room in their closet to store their personal items. How can families make more room in their closets, without spending tons of money? The solution is not always found in renovation, but innovation instead. Putting your creative mind to work can save both time and money, and give you the space you are craving for.

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It’s time to get away from the old fashioned hidden closet solution. The majority of homes have a “secret door” that keeps the closet concealed from prying eyes. Let your secret out of the closet and bring it in full view. Here are 5 great closet designs you will love to showcase. Fashion might be your passion, and so are unique designs. Creating a closet with pizzazz and finesse can give your current bedroom a major face lift.

Here are 5 Dream Closet Design Ideas to get you started!

1. Boutique – Elegance

The Boutique closet is a European contemporary style. It has all the makings of an expensive design. The cabinets are made from the finest lacquer finish, motion sensors trigger the backlights when visitors enter the area, and an additional LED serves as backup lighting. A flooring covered in oak wood, tile and plush carpet adds to the elegance.

2. Art Gallery Design

Art is passion. An art gallery closet shows all, and hides nothing. Amusement, excitement and high expectations empowers any work day. Sophisticated closets add beauty and color to even the smallest closet. Create an antique design, with sleek backdrops of beautiful art exhibits, that reflects passion and character. Add matching décor like wooden frames and low pile carpet, and glass framed closets and organization.

3. Party Pad Closet

Wake up each day in a party mood and step into a Party Pad. Start off with bright vibrant colors; a polka dot can white love seat, or chaise lounge, purple cabinets and a beautiful chandelier. An open space closet is less restricted, and allows more space to move around. Organize summer clothes and accessories on one side, and winter apparels on the other side. Put in a sound system or a radio.

4. Wash and Dress in Luxury

The wash and dress room is perfect. “Cleanliness just might be next to Godliness.” Create a beautiful closet around a laundry room setting. It is the perfect setting for busy individuals, with an “eat and run” schedule. Save time going to the laundry room, pulling out the ironing board, and knocking out a few wrinkles. Walk into an area that is already equipped with all the necessities of washing and dressing.

5. Relax, Study and Read Library Effect

The library style closet is totally awesome in every way. It is an excellent place to study, relax and get ready to start a new day. Maple paneling, wood floors and a beautiful stained backdrop make this setting an ideal closet design for at-home workers or self employed individuals. Add a large plush chair and extra lighting for that special touch.

Custom Closet Design Minneapolis

Organizing a closet is simple, but designing a closet is completely different. Creativity, passion and a love for the extraordinary is what inspires people to create masterpieces. Let Harkraft make your dream closet design ideas into reality. Give us a call today at (763) 544-4478 or contact us online to schedule a free design consultation!