Don’t Overlook These 10 Perks of Custom Shelving

There are so many places in your home that could benefit from improved or upgraded storage, and custom shelving is an ideal way to achieve your specific goals and take advantage of all the perks. Keep reading for ideas to make improvements in every nook inside and outside your home with custom shelving.


Undoubtedly, you can think of a few ways your kitchen could work a little better. The beauty of custom shelving is that you can imagine what you need and create it to fit the space. Install shallow open shelves near the cooktop to hold often-used spices or a collection of vintage egg timers. 

Create a pantry by transforming a deep space next to the fridge with pull-out shelves and bins, or customize your existing pantry to match your storage containers and storage needs.


You don’t need a lot of room for shelving in the bathroom to make a significant impact. Place floating shelves over the bath for products. Roll towels and store them like bottles of wine on a custom shelf with X shaped openings for an intentional look

Living Room

Ways to transform your space with custom shelving abound in the living room. Build a surround for your television to pull focus from the tech when not in use. Flank the fireplace with custom finished bookshelves to create storage and display space that looks like it’s always been there, no matter your house’s age or design aesthetic. 

Surround an underused corner of the living room or family room with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and add a cozy chair for an instant but deliberate library nook.


Custom shelving solutions can upgrade any closet in the house. Create a wardrobe in a room with little or no storage by building on a blank wall. Add custom touches to match your wardrobe or storage needs in any reach-in or standard walk-in closet. Turn an area in the bedroom into a walk-through closet from scratch by constructing a false wall and decking it out with custom shelving and organization. Do it on a budget by utilizing sturdy, economical wire shelving.

Awkward or Neglected Spaces

Design and install custom shelving under the stairs, along the staircase or on a landing to turn unused space into display or storage space. 

Build between two windows or doors in a room with many exits where it’s difficult to place standard-sized furniture for that bespoke look.

Home Office 

Upgrade your home office with custom storage now that it’s likely someone will be working from home part of the time into the future. Include drawers and doors to organize and hide office clutter when the workday is done.

Turn a nook or unused closet into a home office with custom shelving and workspace. Include a fold-down worktop, hidden spaces for printers and files and anything else you need.

Kids Spaces

Update kid bedrooms and playrooms with custom storage that suits their needs. Low cabinets and shelves mean kids can access and clean up their own toys and books. Include a bench to snuggle up and read and hooks for dress-up clothes.

Little clothes don’t need as much hanging space in a closet, so an easy re-organization of the standard high shelf and hanging rod with custom wire shelving can make a huge difference.

Storage Rooms

Space dedicated purely to storage has a way of getting out of hand. A few boxes and totes turn into towers. No matter your storage room, finished or unfinished, the addition of custom shelving that matches your needs will make your life easier every time you have to decorate for a holiday or look for last season’s skis.

Garage Spaces

Speaking of getting out of hand, maybe no place has the potential to develop a life of its own like garage storage. With some clean-up and an inventory of your storage needs, the addition of overhead storage, custom cabinets and workbench space for projects and smart use of vertical wall shelving for seasonal items, you should even be able to fit your car in the garage.


The mudroom is the gateway to your organized house! You don’t need much space to create a drop zone that will make a difference. Build custom cabinets and cubbies in your entry space for an instant mudroom. Include a bench, hooks, and internal wire shelving for further storage.

Custom Shelving With Expert Help

Sometimes an out-of-the-box shelving solution feels less intimidating than custom shelving. However, custom shelving can be designed to meet your specific requirements and handle awkward spaces’ tricky problems. 

Work with an experienced designer like those at Harkraft to learn more about custom shelving, and we’ll guide you through the options. Contact us today to find out more and find out why Harkraft is the custom shelving expert.