Don’t Throw it Out! Update Your Home Storage

You’ve probably heard that you have too much stuff – that you should give things away and embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. Living with less is something that might make a lot of sense for some and bring them happiness. But, for some of us, we love our stuff, and that’s okay too! 

So you’ve curated, edited, and cleared out everything that you don’t want to keep. Now it’s time to figure out attractive, efficient storage solutions for everything you want to keep in your life. Keep reading to find out more about how to make it work throughout the house.


Wardrobes constantly evolve and change and closet storage rarely keeps up. Kids grow up, and their clothes change size too. A small shoe collection becomes something much more significant, and clothes purchased over time begin to pile up. 

Just because your closets are full does not necessarily mean you have too many clothes! Even a large walk-in closet needs an occasional reorganization. Take out the organizers that are not working and add the pieces you need: More shelving for folded clothes? Shoe racks for days? Wire shelving floor to ceiling to handle a seasonal rotation? Talk to a designer or look at your favorite sites for inspiration.


Some things we keep don’t make a lot of practical sense, but that’s not why we hold on to sentimental items, heirlooms, or collections. If your things mean something to you, you should be able to enjoy them. You should be able to see and use your grandmother’s tea set or the linens you bought on your honeymoon to Peru. If you’ve been collecting wine from every vineyard you visit, you might be looking for places to stash it and coming up short.

A reorganized or newly expanded pantry, added built-in cabinetry in the dining room, or a new wine storage area in the basement entertainment area might be just what you need to take full advantage of the things you keep or collect because they bring you joy.

Storage Room

Maybe you’re one of those people who goes big and decks the halls in abundant style over Christmas. Or perhaps you love to entertain and throw big parties. You might just be holding onto a lot of baby gear for the future, and it’s taking over your life. Take stock of your storage room and consider what would make it a more efficient part of your life. 

Line the room with sturdy wire shelving customized to accommodate your specific storage containers or items like glassware and serving dishes. Use custom storage touches like a hanging rod for table linens to keep them unwrinkled and ready for use or large hooks for draping holiday wreaths, garlands, and lights in the off-season. 

Garage and Shed

Outdoor storage is often the hardest to deal with because it’s the easiest to avoid – until it’s not. When parking the car becomes a game of chance, it’s time to make your garage over with custom storage.

The garage or outdoor shed or pool house is often full of fun things! You don’t want to throw out the things taking up space in the garage because you like to play yard games, grill out, go to the beach, and take bike rides. 

Get everything you can off the floor by installing shelves as high as the ceiling will allow. Rarely used items can be stored out of convenient reach. Hang large items like off-season bikes, weed-trimmers, and paddleboards overhead with hooks, wire shelves secured to the rafters, or a pulley.


You might not be amassing sentimental items in the family mudroom, but it is often a depository for a different kind of “stuff.” When you live in a place with distinct seasons, or you have a house full of kids growing through different sizes throughout the seasons, you’ve got a recipe for a lot of outerwear and athletic gear that needs to be used, stored, or rotated over time.

Make your existing mudroom setup more efficient by adding wire shelving inside the cabinets. Create a mudroom from a simple entry space by installing a laminate cabinet system that harmonizes with your existing decorating tone. Include overhead cabinets for out-of-season items or double-up hanging rods in deep cupboards. 

Don’t forget bins for athletic gear, hooks to hold backpacks and jackets daily, and a built-in bench so there’s no excuse not to sit down and take off your shoes.

Make it Happen

Whatever you want to keep in your house, from hand-me-downs to heirlooms, the experts at Harkraft are here to help you find the storage solutions that will make it work. Talk to us today about organizing any room in your house with built-in systems or sturdy, budget-friendly wire shelving. We have the experience to pull it all together, and we’ll help you make it happen. Contact us today to get started or to find out more.