Essential Baby Nursery Storage Tips

A few things about babies are common knowledge: they are adorable, and they come with a lot of stuff. Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of your own bundle of joy and all the attendant “stuff” or you’re already knee-deep in baby gear and you’re trying to make your current nursery work better, keep reading for some nursery storage ideas for your baby’s room.

The Baby’s Closet

Chances are the closet in your baby’s room could benefit from some reorganization. Babies wear their cute little wardrobes differently than adults, and their clothes are, obviously, much tinier than ours. 


As built, the closet in the baby’s room probably only has your standard assortment of one rod for hanging clothes, and, if you’re lucky, an overhead shelf. As a straightforward improvement, you should consider installing a second hanging bar below the standard height rod. It will be quite a while until your baby is a kid with clothes big enough to require you to remove or adjust the standard hanging rods. In the meantime, take advantage of that space to double your hanging storage. 

Add dividers to existing shelves to maximize your ability to store folded stacks of tiny clothes. A neatly folded pile of ten onesies will probably topple over without the aid of shelf dividers. Still, you can easily and neatly store folded baby clothes high on shelves with dividers.

Customize Your Storage

Your baby will go through clothes quickly, either because he or she will grow out of them before you know it or because babies are cute but also messy! For babies, you can think in terms of seasonal wardrobes, but mainly clothes should be rotated according to current size. You may never get him to wear that perfect little suit for the holiday parties because he might not be the right size at the right time. Consider a way to display and rotate the clothes that currently fit your baby, so you don’t forget to put that spring dress on her and send a picture to your great aunt who gave it as a gift.

Wire shelving systems are a very versatile way to transform your closet storage. The double or triple hanging rod can be worked seamlessly into an overall storage plan for the closet. Rows of shelves for little clothes or larger shelves for storage bins, pull out baskets for diapers and supplies, and baskets for little shoes could all be considered. 

The Baby’s Bedroom

Once you’ve taken a look at the baby’s closet, consider the rest of the room. Be creative with storage in the bedroom. Luckily, a lot of things babies need are attractive enough to incorporate into your decor and display. 

Be Creative

Floating shelves can hold a variety of books, toys, and display-worthy keepsakes. Customized wood laminate storage units can create a completely customized solution for your nursery. Clean white or neutral built-ins can be finished to your taste with colorful bins. Built-in shelves and drawers can hold out-of-season clothes, clothes to grow into, or toys to age into. Low, built-in shelving and cubbies will work as the baby becomes a toddler and then a kid. Toys and books will be within reach. Incorporate pull-out bins, or use attractive baskets in cubbies to make present and future toy clean up a breeze. 

Storage as Display

In a room where you can carve out a corner, consider creating a reading nook or play corner to be used now and as the baby gets older. Customize and separate the space with a stylish rug that can grow with the baby. Installing built-in shelves or drawers for toys and a display rack for board books are a great way to engage and display great books as enticing decor. Choose colors for your accents that tie into the decor of the room. 

Rethink the changing table if you’re warming up to the idea of built-in storage. A chest of drawers incorporated into your overall storage solution could function as this all-important task center. You will spend a lot of time at the changing table! Create drawers and storage at your fingertips to hold all the items you’ll need: diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, and more.

We Can Help

If you’re in the preparation phase of planning the baby’s nursery, you’re probably still working on a deadline! And if you already have kids and you’re trying to redesign your nursery, you may be struggling to find the time. The bottom line is that we know you’re busy! Harkraft can help you sort through the possibilities. Call today and set up a consultation with one of our experts.