How to Achieve the Bedroom Aesthetic You’ve Always Wanted

Of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom should be the place where you can both finally relax and put the day behind you and wake up energized to start fresh. But it can be difficult to find solace and peace in your bedroom when it’s a cluttered mess; when a desk in your bedroom has become your work-from-home office or if your bedroom decor has always been an afterthought.

Now is the time to give yourself the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. Keep reading for some organizing tips and ideas for bedroom updates to transform the all-important space.

Make the Bedroom a Sanctuary

Your bedroom must be a place where you can relax, but that can be challenging when you’re looking at the desk where you work all day. With some clever re-organization, you can create a spot to hide your workspace away when you’re done for the day. 

Hide the Day Away

Remake a reach-in closet by removing the upper shelf and hanging rod. Add custom shelving and cabinets for a workspace. Include an outlet for your printer and chargers so you can tuck everything away at night and shut the door. 

Or, talk to a design professional about a custom-built system of cabinets along one wall that adds sleek, seamless storage and includes a workspace that can be hidden away at night.

Add Texture

Include layers of lush fabrics and textures to the space, and remember more is more when it comes to the feeling of coziness you’re looking for. Think rugs, throws and pillows, and furniture, including headboards, upholstered in tactile fabrics like velvet and linen.

Make Bedding a Priority

Considering how much time we spend asleep, even if it’s not enough, we all deserve comfortable, cozy bedding. You will not regret spending a little money on your sheets. There are many comfortable, quality bedding options at varying prices, so you don’t have to go crazy.

Remake Your Closet

Nothing has the power to transform your bedroom like a closet renovation, big or small. Find a place for everything, and you will find it much easier to keep every last thing in its place. Say goodbye to clutter and the hassle of trying to find something to wear. A well-thought-out closet is a bedroom update you will never regret.

Go big and carve out a walk-in closet from an existing room or annex an adjacent bedroom. All it takes to transform an ordinary space into a dream closet is custom cabinets and shelving. Include shelving to match your needs and hanging space for only the things you keep on hangers. Glam a larger space up with an island, mirrors for every angle of your look, and a place to sit.

Update Standard Finishes

Look around your room with fresh eyes and make a note of all the things you have never bothered to change or upgrade to suit your taste. From standard, neutral paint colors to basic light fixtures, bedrooms are often the last thing to get the remodel they deserve because, we reason, no one sees them except us.

Choose a bold paint color like charcoal to bring the space in close if that’s your vibe, or treat yourself to a wall of splurge-worthy designer wallpaper behind the bed. 

Don’t neglect the lighting and include a few different sources of light for various tasks. Add sconces or wall-mounted lights for reading in bed as well as lamps you truly love for the nightstands. Don’t be afraid to hang a chandelier or sculptural fixture in the bedroom even if “no one will see it.” This is for you!

Another way to play with lighting is to add mirrors or upgrade the standard full-length mirror you’re working with. A custom mirror can be a focal point in the room, whether it leans dramatically against the wall like a found object or is mounted on the wall like a piece of art.

Rely on a Home Storage Expert

No one knows the ins and outs of functional, beautiful storage solutions like Harkraft. Our design professionals know that you want your bedroom updates to create solutions that look good, too. 

We’ve been working with homeowners to create custom cabinets and storage throughout the home for decades, and we’re here to help you navigate the process. Contact us today to find out more, and let’s get started creating something you’ll love.