How to Give Your Wine Cellar the Shelving it Deserves

Perhaps you’re embarking on a remodeling project or renovation and you’re thinking of incorporating a wine cellar into your plans. Did you know that, in most real estate markets, a wine cellar will increase the value of your home? 

Or, maybe you’re realizing that your formerly hobby-sized wine collection has taken over the space you set aside to store wine. You may have an existing wine cellar or wine storage space in your home, but you’d love to transform it into somewhere you can safely store your wine collection and show it off as well.

One of the factors that really sets a wine cellar apart from just some other place you store your wine is functional, elegant, custom shelving for your wine and glassware. Keep reading for some ideas on how to make your wine cellar one of your favorite spaces.

Converting an Existing Space

Wine storage or a fully built-out wine cellar is not only for new builds or total remodels. Many spaces in the average home can easily be converted into a wine cellar. When people think of a home wine cellar, their minds often turn to huge, glass-walled rooms with floor to ceiling racks of wine. That vision is definitely one of the possibilities if you’ve got the space and the budget, but it is by no means the only option. 

Think about spaces in your home that are underused: an unfinished basement, a butler’s pantry that’s too big for your needs, or dead space until a staircase. All these spaces can be converted into beautiful, functional wine storage with the addition of custom shelving and, depending on need, climate control.

Wine storage is often planned-out to be much more attractive than whatever was there: maybe a storage closet under the stairs where you stored the suitcases. By designing the space with custom shelving that complements the surrounding mood of the larger room, you can take advantage of every square inch because you won’t need to hide it behind a door.

A professional with extensive experience in designing and building home wine cellars will be able to convert any space by sealing the area, working with you to design a custom shelving plan, and implementing climate control systems as necessary.

Updating Your Wine Cellar

If you’re among the lucky homeowners who already has a dedicated home wine cellar or a storage space dedicated to your wine collection, it’s worth considering if it needs a remodel just like any other storage space or room in your home. 


Perhaps you designed the wine cellar before you finished the basement and the two elements no longer work together visually. Or, maybe you’ve been using your wine cellar for years, but always wishing the shelving and rack system was different or worked better. It could be that the types of wine you collect has changed dramatically and the different shapes of different bottles of wine has rendered your storage less than ideal.

Custom Shelving

Custom shelving in your home wine cellar can make all the difference. Working with a professional is essential when it comes to installing a custom shelving system, but it’s not something that has to break the bank. A professional designer with experience in designing wine storage will be able to assess your space, your needs, and your style in ways that you might not be able to do. For one thing, a pro will bring fresh eyes to the space while you may only see the flaws. For another, experts are trained to get the most out of a space by utilizing space efficiently. 

The possibilities for wine cellar shelving are completely endless. A custom system means that you can design or redesign your ideal wine cellar utilizing custom shelving that complements your decor and keeps your wine safe, protected, and at your fingertips. 

If you can imagine it, custom shelving can help you realize it whether it’s a Tuscan style farmhouse feel with warm woods and clay tiles or a minimalist design. Sleek shelving with a cool modern feel can make your home wine cellar dreams come true.

Local Experts

Harkraft is the largest locally owned provider of wine cellar design and installation. We’ve been working with homeowners and builders for decades and our experience will help you make a plan and wade through all the possibilities. We know you’ll love the end result. If you’re thinking of building a home wine cellar from scratch or you want to look at options for updating your existing wine storage with a custom shelving facelift, let us share our expertise in building in-home wine cellars with you. Contact us today to get started. Cheers!