How to Make Your Garage the Most Functional Space on Your Property

With the holidays approaching, so comes the yearly reminder of your cluttered storage spaces as you dig out those holiday decorations. For many, their overflow space (or sole storage space) is their garage. You might find yourself wishing that you weren’t slammed between your lawnmower and the garbage cans when you try to walk out past your vehicle. As soon as the winter season passes, you’ll want to put back the Christmas fun and break out the patio furniture with ease.

Why not get started on the path to making your garage the most functional space on your property? Here are some tips from us here at Harkraft.

Get Rid of the Clutter

An obvious way to start gaining more functionality out of your garage would be to start removing clutter. Some homeowners do not know what was occupying their storage spaces and garage shelves.

Every square foot is crucial in a small garage. Broken appliances, old furniture, building materials, and old tools never to be touched again should have no place in your garage.

Maximize Wall Storage

If your garage is feeling too small for your needs, it may seem like the solution to undergo a huge construction project or possibly even move to a home with a bigger garage. 

In many cases, these drastic measures can be avoided with the use of wire shelving. These Rubbermaid wire shelves offer great solutions for garages and workplaces alike. This budget-friendly solution can fit into almost any space and can hold up to 75 pounds per foot of tools, office supplies, and other items.

Whether you need to fit another vehicle in your garage or create a bigger workspace, Harkraft’s write shelving is a perfect solution for reorganization.

Choose the Right Cabinets

A cabinet system is another budget-friendly solution for your storage needs – but it can be tricky to fit into a small garage space. 

You may be limited with how big the cabinet system can be and in some cases, there may not be the space to create a cabinet system for a small garage.

Harkraft’s laminated wood cabinets and shelving are available in a variety of unique designs, bringing both style and versatility to your garage shelves. These laminated units offer a “built-in” look and are custom-crafted to meet the correct dimensions and storage needs for your project.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Space

Overhead storage racks are another form of effective vertical storage system for a garage. Not all small garages have ceilings that are high enough to add storage racks, but if you can accommodate it, you should take advantage of that unused overhead storage space for your garage.

Bulky things such as storage bins or patio furniture, spare tires, are the type of items that can sit on a garage floor and can mean the difference between being able to park in the small garage or having the park in the driveway.

Choose heavy-duty storage racks that can handle a lot of weight and are properly anchored to your walls and ceiling for safety. It’s smart to invest in racks made from high-quality steel and a powder-coated finish that will prevent rust in the future.

Clean Up on a Regular Basis

Putting the right storage systems in place will make it easier to keep a small garage well-organized. 

You have to commit to regular tidying up so that clutter does not begin to pile up. However, if you choose to ignore your storage space, it doesn’t take long for the unknowns and the useless items to start making their way into your organized area yet again.

A quick monthly clean-up should keep your garage within a healthy space and you can do more thorough cleaning such as cleaning the floors and wiping down surfaces a couple of times a year.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are several items that should not be stored in a garage – such as unused or partially opened paint cans, food or wine, old electronic equipment, old clothes, old photos, paper, or cardboard.

Harkraft Can Make Organizing Dreams Come True

The installation and design experts here at Harkraft know a lot about storage and organization. Our specialty is helping homeowners find their ideal storage solutions. 

For over 50 years, Harkraft Building Products has been the go-to choice for builders and remodelers alike who are looking for innovative solutions when it comes to the finishing touches on a home.

Harkraft supplies and installs many of the specialty products that have become essential for any garage space. They include wire shelving, laminate wood cabinets and shelving, and garage benches. Contact us today to find out more or to talk about how we can start transforming your garage.