How to Modernize Your Guest Bathroom Aesthetic

It’s lovely to be able to host family and friends in your home. If you have the space for a guest bedroom, you’ve probably worked hard to make it comfortable for guests and to create a certain mood with the decor and accessories. 

Most houseguests are thrilled to see you and grateful for the place to lay their heads, of course, but everyone appreciates an experience that shows you care. Above and beyond a cozy guest bedroom is the coveted guest bathroom. Keep reading for ideas and inspiration to modernize your guest bathroom, and you’ll be the most popular host in town.

Refresh and Renew

If you’re carving out space and building a guest bathroom, you’re ahead of the game and can hit the ground running. If you’re turning an existing bathroom into your guest bathroom, treat it like a remodel and look at the space with fresh eyes. 

You don’t have to have a huge budget to make a big impression, whether you’re starting from scratch or making changes to an existing space. If you’re remodeling, take a critical look at the shower enclosure or shower door. If it’s dingy or completely etched by hard water and years of use, it’s worth talking to a professional about making a change. 

Modernize the space entirely by adding a shower enclosure instead of a tub and shower curtain. Hinged or sliding shower doors work within existing spaces. 

Plumbing hardware is another way to completely remake a bathroom without actually changing much at all. Swapping out old hardware store faucets and showerheads for something that tells your design story will go a long way. Warm, organic spaces work with brass or other warm metals, and black bathroom fixtures are currently so hot they go with everything (and they really do). 

Pay attention to the showerhead. Certainly, your guests don’t require a rain shower head if that’s not in your budget, but an upgrade from the standard low-pressure afterthought is nice.

Put Your Best Design Forward

Aim overall for a more minimal and understated aesthetic so every guest will feel welcome and soothed in the space, but don’t be afraid to express some personal ideas. Modern doesn’t mean cold and empty; it simply reflects an embrace of clean lines and the use of modern materials such as wood, metal, stone, and other natural elements. 

Your idea of modern bathroom fixtures might be warm wood, tactile stone tile, and a green wall, or it might lean to stainless steel and an industrial feel, and both are ok as long as you leave space for your guests to be comfortable. 

Guests should always feel like they can step on the rug, use the towels, brush their teeth in the sink, and relax. One element that runs through all modern design is the use of lighting to enhance the aesthetic. Be sure to include enough and various sources of lighting in your guest bath, such as task lighting, low lighting for nighttime, and lighting in the shower for people who might have their contacts out or glasses off.  

Don’t overlook a generous mirror or mirrors in your guest bathroom as well. Take into account that guests might vary in heights, so a large mirror over the vanity is a good idea. Take advantage of the opportunity if you choose or change out a bathroom mirror to look into custom bathroom mirrors to completely transform the space. Consider a full-length mirror as well so guests can check their outfits on the way out. 

Finishing Touches

To make your guests feel at home when they visit, be sure to include a few simple things every time you have a visitor. Make sure to clean the bathroom top to bottom every time you’re expecting guests, then give the place a once over with your specific guests in mind. 

Invest in some bath and hand towels that are only for guest use. Launder them in a neutral or fragrance-free detergent to accommodate sensitive visitors if they haven’t stayed with you before or you haven’t talked about it. Be sure to stock the bathroom with plenty of towels. Include hooks or towel bars (or both) so your guests know where to put the towels if they intend to reuse them and where to hang their bathrobe while they shower.

Be sure there is a hamper and a trash can in the bathroom that guests can easily find. Everyone will be more comfortable if it’s obvious what to do with dirty linens and trash. 

Provide an assortment of toiletries your guest might have forgotten as well as a blow dryer. A simple mix of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup wipes, ibuprofen, and shower essentials is sure to make guests feel welcome. 

Realize Your Design Vision

Harkraft has been working with builders and homeowners for decades, and our professional designers can help you sort through the options and envision a modern guest bathroom that will make your house the place to visit. Contact us today to talk about bathroom fixtures, custom bathroom storage, mirrors, accessories, and more.