How to Use Wire Shelving Throughout Your Property 

For contractors and homeowners alike, good storage is one of the most important elements of a house. Efficient storage encourages everyone to put things where they belong, so the home stays cleaner and takes advantage of the space available to maximize potential. Efficient storage is about innovative design and the use of thoughtful, quality materials. 

Here’s an organization tip: wire shelving deserves a spot in every room of the house when contractors or homeowners consider how to use the space in new builds or renovations. Wire shelving is versatile, easy to use, and bears an attractive price point. Keep reading to find out more about using wire shelving throughout your property.

Maximize Efficiency

Install a wire shelving system in nearly any cabinet or storage space to make it an instantly more efficient spot. Kitchen cabinets can benefit from wire racks that do everything from corral pot lids to display spices. Use pull-out wire shelves to take advantage of deep cupboards.

Organize and expand your bathroom or linen closet storage by including thoughtful wire shelving that pulls out or doubles the storage available on every too-tall shelf. 

Expand Your Closets

A customized wire shelving system can instantly improve any standard reach-in closet without actually adding any square footage. Add shelves for your shoes and double-decker hanging rods to maximize space in kids’ closets. 

Take stock of your wardrobe and figure out how you use the space. People who don’t hang any clothes need wire shelves much more than hanging space. Kids who can’t reach the hanging rod need low cubbies and shelves so they can take responsibility for getting ready and cleaning up.

Create a walk-in closet entirely from scratch with a small room and a custom system of wire shelving. Reclaim an underused spot or turn a blank space into a walk-in closet every homeowner wants without blowing the budget by investing in thoughtfully designed, quality wire storage.

Renew the Garage

Garages are typically outfitted to do nothing but hold parked cars, but in reality, most people expect a lot more from their garage. Use wire shelving to get sporting equipment off the floor. Use the vertical space by expanding shelves up to the rafters for seasonal items. 

Finish Unfinished Spaces

The addition of a wall of wire shelving turns an underused corner of the basement into a storage room. Tuck away holiday decorations, hand-me-downs, and more. Installing shelving upgrades the space and saves you from digging through totes and boxes every time you need to find something.

Create a Mudroom on a Budget

Everyone wants a mudroom, especially in places with a long, cold winter bookended by slushy, muddy seasons. Not every house or every homeowner has space or the budget to create a mudroom from scratch, but everyone can upgrade what they have with strategic storage solutions, including wire shelving. 

Talk to a contractor or designer about the possibilities, such as tearing out an existing inefficient entry closet to make way for built-in cabinets that work. Save money without sacrificing style by outfitting the inside of the cabinets with wire shelving to maximize efficiency. Every family member gets a drop zone for bags, coats, and shoes. The dog gets a slim cabinet for the leash and treats. 

Turn a Big Cabinet Into a Pantry

Maybe you have an existing oversized, deep cabinet where container lids and loose snacks get lost in the abyss. Or you can spare a little space in your kitchen to add a slim, deep cabinet; you can turn either into a pantry with the addition of wire shelving. Outfit the existing cabinet with a system of pull-out shelving, so nothing gets lost. Use every inch by adding shelves that match the dimensions of your storage containers.

Consider working with a pro to add a deep slim cabinet to your kitchen, taking advantage of a spot next to the fridge or in another underutilized area. Install a wire shelving system on rails or wheels that pulls entirely out to turn a tiny spot into huge storage potential.

Homeowners and Pros Trust Harkraft

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