Improve the Look of Every Room With Custom Mirrors

Whenever people try to describe what they love about a particular room or a home, they inevitably talk about “the light.” The amount of light available in a room and how light moves around in a space can really shape how we feel when we spend time there. 

You may not be able to add a window or two or move a wall easily, but one thing you can do to change the way light moves around your space is to add mirrors. The strategic placement of beautiful custom mirrors in your home can change everything. Keep reading for some ideas for working with custom mirrors in your home design.

Create Space

The strategic placement of mirrors can create the illusion of depth in rooms large and small. Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space such as a powder room or entryway. Be mindful of what will be reflected in the mirror. A large custom mirror leaned against the wall instead of hung can play with the way space is reflected in a surprising and interesting way.

Get Creative With Bathroom Design

Mirrors should be an integral part of your bathroom design or remodel. Practically, people need a mirror to put on makeup or check their hair, but a mirror can do so much more in a bathroom. Use custom mirrors above the vanity to make a dramatic statement. Tie everything together by including a large mirror where people can check their outfits. Don’t be afraid to choose a mirror that draws attention.

Play With Light

A mirror can be used to reflect the light that enters the room through the windows – essentially amplifying the natural light. Consider where the direct or diffused light will be during different times of the day when choosing your mirror placement. Customizing a mirror’s size and shape to work with a frame that complements your home design allows you to integrate a custom mirror into your style.

By night, a mirror can help you achieve a feeling of coziness and warmth by reflecting the light from a fireplace or candles around the room as the family gathers to read or play games in a living room or family room.

Anchor Your Mantel

A fireplace mantel is probably one of the most fun spots to design in any home. It is essentially a place to play with your personality, whether your guiding principle is more is more or keep it simple. No matter your plan, the mantel will benefit from being anchored by a mirror. 

Amplify Art

Consider using mirrors to draw attention to pieces of art you’ve chosen to display. Placing a custom mirror in such a way that you see the piece of art as you enter the room can create anticipation and double your pleasure in experiencing the power of art.

Add a mirror or two to a gallery wall to draw attention toward the display by catching the light. A framed mirror or two can break up the pattern of a gallery display in a pleasing way.

Make a Statement

Don’t be afraid to use custom mirrors as part of your home design. A beautiful mirror or a mirror that pleases you should have a place in your home design the same way an object or piece of art should. 

Check Yourself

Mirrors as works of art are one thing, but keep the practical side of mirrors in mind as well as you design your home. People need a mirror in several key spots in their homes to check their reflection. 

Most people require a mirror in the bedroom and especially within a master bedroom or as part of a walk-in closet. Include a mirror in your creative bathroom design so that family members can check their hair, but consider a full-length mirror if possible so family members and guests can check their outfits from top to bottom as well. 

Try to include a custom mirror that complements your design in the entryway or mudroom of your home. Everyone will appreciate a spot to check their appearance quickly on the way out the door – all the better if the mirror is customized to make a statement.

Harkraft Can Help

At Harkraft, we craft completely customized mirrors in all shapes and sizes and with a wide range of framing options. We use top-quality ¼″ pencil-edge mirrors across most of our projects, with standard sizes of 36″ or 42″ tall by any six-inch increment from 18″ to 96”, but a complete customization is always an option. Talk to a designer today for ways that a custom mirror can complement your bathroom design, as part of your master bedroom remodel, or any other room in the house. Let our experience be your guide. Contact us today.