Wine Cellar

Should You Insure Your Wine Collection?

A wine collection is uniquely enjoyable to acquire. There may be nothing else that you can both collect as an asset and share with friends to mark special moments quite…

Garage Storage

Three Tips to Get Your Garage Ready for Winter

Whether we like it, hate it, or love it, for those of us who live in parts of the country where winter means snow and ice, it’s time to get…

custom closets

Pros and Cons to Custom Closet Builds

Every single day, you open your closet door and try to find something to wear. Maybe you are enviably organized, and all of your sweaters are beautifully folded. This is…

custom cabinets Garage Storage

Should I Install Custom Garage Cabinets?

Picture this: it’s a beautiful fall day, and your entire family has decided to go on a bike ride. Everyone heads to the garage to pull out bikes and helmets. First, you…

Bath Tub Shower

How to Properly Seal Your New Tub or Shower

Maybe you’ve just installed a beautiful new bathroom, or perhaps you’re beginning to dream about finally starting on the bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted. Complete remodels and smaller renovations alike can…


How Long Should You Age Wine?

To the casual wine drinker, the question of how long to age a bottle of wine can seem intimidating. Wine can even go bad like the food in your refrigerator…

Closet Storage

Should You Add a Walk-In Closet to Your House?

Not having enough storage can be a major pain, especially when it comes to your closet. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current house, there are several considerations you…

Closet Storage

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing the Storage in Your New Home

The beauty of building a new home is you get to decide on all the little details. From the size of your house to the fixtures in every bathroom, there’s…

Garage Storage

Why is Garage Storage so Expensive? Your Guide to Organizing Your Garage Space

When you’re trying to find ways to optimize storage solutions within your home, you might be met with an overwhelming array of options just a little out of your budget….

Wine Cellar

3 Things to Consider When Designing a Wine Cellar in Your House

Designing a wine cellar for your home is a dream come true for many wine enthusiasts. Finally, you’ll have a place to show off your collection and host elegant wine…

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