Wine Cellar

Picking The Right Wine Cellar

Whether you drink wine casually or are a wine connoisseur you might want to consider upgrading a space in your house to a wine cellar. From 5 to 5,000 bottles Harkraft…

Shower Doors

Cleaning your Shower Doors

Who doesn’t want a clean shower? It is the place we go everyday to get clean ourselves. Of course shower doors are one of the toughest places in the house…

Closet Storage

Organizing your Closet

Have you organized your closet lately? If not it could probably use it. Here are some steps to go through when rearranging your closet. 1) Declutter and Donate – Sort through…

Garage Storage

Garage Organization Tips

  When people update and organize their houses they often put off the garage. However, an unorganized garage can lead to frustration when items becoming increasingly harder to find. Here are 5…

Closet Storage

Owner’s Suites

No Closet too Big If people are going to scrimp on any part of the home, it is not going to be the owner’s suite closet. While the sleeping chamber…

Closet Storage

Shelving Installation Help

How Much Weight Will My Shelves Hold? So you’re putting in shelves and are wondering how much weight it can hold. Or you know the weight load, but don’t know…

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