Kid’s Room Overflowing with Toys & Clothes? Check Out These 6 Tips for Organization

If your child’s room (or your whole home) feels like it is being taken over by tiny tot and their toys, rest easy.

If you feel like your kid’s room is about to burst out their door with toys and games, it might be the time to start thinking about re-organizing. The number of things that our kids need can start to feel overbearing. Almost as if your whole house is just run by kids.

Check out these 6 tips for keeping your kid’s room from overflowing with toys and clothes.

#1: Take Inventory

First, donate any worn or unused toys from your child’s collection. Then, group toys by category and find the corresponding storage that works best for each type of toy.

Use shelves for books, smaller boxes or bins for puzzles and building blocks, and larger baskets for stuffed animals. Designate a space for each type of toy and add labels.

This is a great time to get rid of anything that is no longer usable or untouched by your child. Now is the time to start fresh with toys and clothes that your kid loves.

#2: Think Like a Kid

Get down on their level and play as they do. See how high your child can reach, discover their favorite hide-outs, and learn their favorite toys. Kids are more likely to keep things clean if your organizing system matches the way they use their toys.

Involve the kids – they’ll feel a sense of ownership and pride in deciding where their favorite toys should live with the use of quality storage solutions. With the perfect styles and finishes to create exactly what is needed for the space in just their style.

#3: Custom Shelving for Toys

Wall-hung storage helps maximize space by keeping playthings off the floor. Place keepsake or infrequently used items on the top shelves, and display everyday items where small hands can reach them.

Custom shelving is perfect for special toys, games, books, and other items that don’t get used every day but you love enough to display. The use of customized laminated wood shelving would provide a sturdy and sleek design for your kid’s room.

#4: Drawers & Cubbies for Closet

Create cubby spaces for bins and baskets for toys, games, clothes, and whatever else you are trying to keep together. Use laminated wood cabinets that are designed with your vision in mind to make into a reality.

Closet space in a kid’s room can be customized to be an organizational dream with the right plan in mind and a goal to create a well-optimized space for your little one to learn and grow. This is a must for your kids’ room organization.

#5: Appealing Colors & Characters

Children’s toys and clothes are vibrant and bright for a reason – kids are drawn towards colors and shapes. Choose items decored with their favorite characters or colorful hues to make cleanup more fun.

You know your kid has a favorite cartoon character or superhero. Talk to them about what kinds of characters that they want to see in their room and see what colors would really make them feel energized and ready for the day.

This is another moment to “think like a kid.” Talk to your kids about what characters or colors really make them feel excited! This is a wonderful chance for some bonding while also getting your kid’s opinion on their room design.

#6: Create Separate Spaces

Whether your child has a dedicated playroom or uses the bedroom, living room, and kitchen for their play and study time – create clearly identifiable kid zones so cleanup is faster and easier.

A designated study area keeps school materials in one spot and ensures space for quiet work without distractions of toys or games. Creating these designated spaces for your child will help them feel energized while also feeling relaxed when it’s time for bed.

Call in the Experts

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