Make Your Pinterest Board a Reality With These 3 Home Organization Tips

There’s nothing more inspiring than scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all the unique and exciting ways that homeowners are organizing their spaces. You probably have a wish list a mile long of all the quaint storage ideas that people on Pinterest have shared.

Harkraft is here to help you make that dream a reality with their customizable storage solutions. Here are 3 home organization tips that you can implement to elevate your home to the level of your Pinterest board.

Tip #1 Revolutionize Your Bedroom Storage

Adding shelves to your bedroom may not seem exciting, but it can be! All you need is a little creativity, and here at Harkraft, we’re happy to help you with customized storage solutions for every room in your home.

There are tons of creative ideas you can put to use for your bedroom storage. One great idea is to turn the empty space under your bed, that’s usually only good for collecting dust, into a storage haven for all your clothes that are out of season or other items that you want to keep close by but out of sight.

Here at Harkraft, we know how important it is to find elegant and convenient storage solutions for your bedroom. We’re happy to offer customized projects that will fit any space in your room, including under your bed! We can design custom cabinets that will fit securely under your bed and can be easily accessed whenever you need them.

Another idea is to add shelves to either side of your bedroom windows. The walls next to our windows are usually an empty space so why not turn them into a stylish storage area instead. It’ll help draw your eye to the window and the natural light will highlight the knickknacks, pictures, and other items that you want to display.

Tip #2 Make Your Living Room Storage the Star Of The Room

Your living room is likely to be the centerpiece of your home. This is likely the area where your family and visitors will spend the most time talking, playing games, or watching television. Living rooms are a place you want to keep clutter-free, and there are some amazing storage solutions that can help you keep your living room clear while adding to its aesthetics.

You want a place to store your trinkets, family photos, board games, and other activities. But no one wants a bulky storage container taking up space in their living room. That’s why custom wall shelves are the perfect solution for you.

Harkraft makes it easy on you by following the design, shape, and color that you want for your custom wall shelves. You can make the design as funky or unobtrusive as you’d like, and pick the color that best matches the theme of your home.

Your shelves will be unique and perfect for proudly displaying all the items you need. Friends and family are sure to be envious of your stylish yet functional shelves that draw their eyes as soon as they enter the room.

Tip #3 Never Struggle to Reach Spices in Your Kitchen Again

Pinterest offers a lot of fun and unique ideas for upgrading storage throughout your home, and they’ve made corner floating shelves quite popular. Most kitchens have plenty of storage space, but adding some corner floating shelves can add an exciting quality to your home, and they’re the perfect place to store your spices and herbs.

Have you ever struggled to reach the spice cabinet over your stove? Tired of pulling out that step stool at every meal? It’s time to give those fun floating shelves a try. 

They’re perfect for adding extra storage to a small room as they can fit right in an otherwise unused corner. Here at Harkraft, we can help you determine the dimensions you need to best fit your space.

You can then pick the style and color of the shelves you want. It’s the perfect spot for storing spices and herbs that you need to grab every day, and it’ll add a cool look to your kitchen.

Bring Your Pinterest Dreams to Life With Harkraft

Imagining a new design for your home can be fun, but bringing it to life will be a rewarding experience. Whether you need to add some customized shelves to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other area of your home, Harkraft is happy to help. Take the plunge and contact us today so we can start working on making your Pinterest dreams a reality. We’ll work with you to create the best fit for the space you need and help transform the storage in your home from simply functional to aesthetically pleasing.