Making the Most of Your Storage Space for Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorating season is upon us as we transition into fall and winter. Whether you decorate subtly or whether you go something best described as “a little over the top,” you probably decorate your home and outdoor space in some way for a few holidays. It’s fun to create a festive atmosphere in and around your home, and people are especially eager to pump up the joy as we enter the winter season this year. 

The problem arises when you need to store a rotating array of holiday decorations. People are also spending more time than ever in their houses during the past months, and everyone wants to create a soothing, relaxed environment. Piles of decorations slipping and sliding every time you open the laundry room door or taking over your garage space are not soothing. Keep reading for some ideas aimed at making the most of the storage space you already have to store your holiday decorations all year round.

Look High and Low

You might think you’ve already exhausted all the storage space you can spare for seasonal decorations, but some smart storage solutions coupled with a fresh look at your options could uncover underused space. 

Pretend you haven’t seen every inch of your house so many times you have each corner memorized. Look into these three prime candidates for amped-up storage as though you’re seeing them for the first time. 


Peer into any guest room closets or storage closets. Any closet in your house that isn’t in a family member’s bedroom is a candidate for holiday storage with some creative adjustments like wire shelving

Storage Rooms

Of course, you’re already storing things in your storage room if you’ve got one, but imagine custom wooden cabinets or sturdy wire shelving hugging every wall. Perhaps there’s an empty room in your unfinished basement where you toss totes and boxes you don’t want to think about. Imagine turning that space into a proper storage room with custom wire shelving or a wood laminate cabinetry system designed to make the most of it.

Garage Space

Most holiday decorations displayed outside should be stored outside in your garage if there’s a way to make it work. You know anything that spends December in your yard can handle the seasons outdoors. 

Get Creative and Efficient

Once you’ve taken a look around your storage space possibilities: closets, garage space, and storage rooms, it’s time to get more specific. At this point, many people will want to bring in an expert. An expert in creating storage solutions will be able to see possibilities where you might only see clutter you’ve grown tired of looking at.

Whether you call in the pros or do it yourself, take measurements and use tape or empty totes to block the space out so you can get an accurate idea of the space.

Upgrade with Custom Solutions

Most closets can be upgraded very easily from the standard builder-grade arrangement of one hanging rod and one high shelf. If you’re working with a closet where there’s no need to store clothes, for example, remove the hanging rod all together and install a system of strong, low-maintenance wire shelving. A custom system uses all the space within the closet including the wasted space to the sides of the door. Install shelving higher than you can reach comfortably. Holiday decorations are seasonal so feel free to put things too high to reach as you’ll only need to get at them once a year.

Your garage space can also benefit from a look up. Store light, bulky things like yard decorations in the rafters if you only need to access them once a year. Consider an overall garage storage overhaul to free up space for outdoor decoration storage. Wood cabinet systems in the garage can help organize and store valuable items like tools, and wire shelving systems with hooks, bins, and shelves can corral sporting equipment. Remember to install shelving higher than it’s convenient to reach to take advantage of vertical space for items you rarely need to access, like holiday decorations.

Storage rooms are the gift of organization that keeps on giving. If you’re working with a small room, line the walls with wire shelving customized to accommodate your needs, such as the clear totes you rely on for the bulk of your holiday decorations. A larger storage room can be outfitted with rows of shelving. As long as you can easily walk between the rows, you can decorate for each holiday to your heart’s content and shut the door on the organized storage room for the rest of the year. 

Harkraft Can Help

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re ready to make custom holiday decoration storage happen, Harkraft is here. We’ve been providing home storage solutions for a long time, and we’re always happy to share our expertise with homeowners looking for answers. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation or get in touch to answer any questions.