New Years Resolution: Modernize Your Home Organization

This is the year you’ll do it, and you’ll stick to it too. You’ve committed: no more disorganized home. We are at home a lot more these days, and we’ve all found new ways to use our spaces this year for fun and out of necessity. You probably know exactly what you need to do to meet the goal of modernizing your home organization after dealing with all the flaws in the system day in and day out. It all comes down to creating smart systems for organizing every room in your house.

Resolution #1: Cut the Clutter

This can be the most daunting part of organizing your garage, your master bedroom closet, your kitchen cabinets, or your holiday storage room, but it’s the foundation to a system that works. You might be thinking: if I could manage the clutter, I would have done it by now. The trick is to get started instead of dreading the task. 

Set aside time to do each job that needs to be done. Don’t tell yourself you’ll tackle the entire house on Saturday. Set aside an hour or two to do your master closet. Pencil in another time to do your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

It can help choose a system or an organizing guru to get some guidance if you’ve had trouble organizing and cutting the clutter in the past. There’s a reason every content provider, from Netflix to magazines, rolls out organizing articles and shows at the beginning of the year. People want to get started, but they need help. 

Once you’ve chosen a system, set aside time, and tackle the job. Give yourself permission to let go of items that are no longer serving you. It can be challenging to let go of clothes you used to wear or hand-me-down holiday decorations from your grandmother, but hanging on to a lot of stuff can be emotionally draining too when you crave order.

Resolution #2: A Place For Everything

The underlying goal of creating home organization systems in your home is to ensure that everything has a place. If your kitchen countertops are cluttered with small appliances and things that don’t even belong in the kitchen (I’m looking at you 14 charging devices or their orphaned cables), or your dining room table has become so full of clutter that you can’t even eat dinner there any longer, you need to roll out a new plan. 

Identify those problem areas in your home that cause you stress and brainstorm some storage solutions. The dining room table might be serving as a schoolroom or an office these days or both, but it is essential to put away the office or the kid’s iPads and folders at night.

Upgrade an existing nearby closet with a wire shelving system to make it more efficient. Give everyone a bin to store their school supplies at the end of the day and tuck the bins away for the night.

Resolution #3: Make it Easy

Once you go through the trouble of decluttering and donating or repurposing the things you’re letting go of, the key to achieving a serene state of organization is to make sure it’s easy to keep up. Installing an overly complicated, color-coded, labeled system is only useful if it makes you happy, and you can maintain it daily. 

One of the areas in need of organization in most homes is the master bedroom closet. Achieving bedroom organization bliss will benefit you every day because searching the closet floor for matching shoes gets frustrating very quickly. Look at what you have and what you wear and what you need to store seasonally. 

If your current closet is outfitted with the basic hanging rod and high shelf, installing a custom wire or laminate system to suit your needs will change your life. If you only hang your suits and need a place for a lot of folded sweaters, then a closet without shelving makes it hard for you to stay organized. 

Resolution #4: Get Everyone on Board

A place for everything only works if everyone knows where that place is and can reach it. When you’re planning your home organization, make sure to take every member of the family’s needs into consideration. 

If the kids tend to come in the door and drop their coats on the floor, create a system that includes hooks they can reach, so there’s no excuse not to hang them up. Assign each family member a bin in your mudroom for their mittens and hats, so you don’t spend an extra ten minutes trying to find a matching set every time you want to leave the house.

Resolution #5: Get an Assist From the Experts

Figuring out what assortment of wire shelving, laminate cabinetry, or other custom storage will help you achieve your new year’s resolutions can be daunting. Talk to the experts at Harkraft, and we’ll help you sort through the options to find the best solutions for your home. From design to installation, we do it all, and we’ve got decades of experience to draw upon. Contact us today to find out more or to get started.