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When organizing your kitchen pantry, optimizing your space is of the utmost importance to ensure your food stays fresh and your family stays coordinated. Even if you live in the biggest house on the block, using your space wisely is a necessary step in keeping your kitchen neat and tidy.

Whether you had an entire kitchen remodel, or if you just had a new pantry installation courtesy of Harkraft, you are probably interested in a few tips on how to optimize the space in your kitchen pantry. Let’s go through some of these space-saving pointers.

Keeping Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

Wire Reach In Pantry

First, take a look at what you already have. Does your family eat a lot of canned goods, boxed cereal or fresh bread? Do you keep utensils like knives, whisks and bowls? Chances are no matter what you have in your pantry, that there’s a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Once you uncover what you and your family are eating, and what your storage requirements are, you can start organizing your kitchen pantry items into your custom-built Harkraft pantry organizers. For example, we offer door and wall organizers as well as shelf organizers like tiered spice racks and wire baskets. This makes it easy to locate and bundle the smaller items in your kitchen pantry. If you aren’t getting your kitchen pantry serviced by Harkraft, your local hardware store should have an array of options.

Next, it’s time to start putting your food items away. But, before you just start throwing bags of chips and Crisco on the same shelf, remember the rule of “First In, First out,” or “FIFO.” FIFO helps you keep your fresh food edible and your non-perishable food out of the way. Put your fresh food near the front where it will be the first in line to be eaten, and your canned food in the back, where it will wait its turn.

Popular kitchen hacks for your pantry

Other popular kitchen hacks involve a DIY spirit, but come in very handy for those looking to save some kitchen pantry space – and a buck or two.

Wire Walk In PantryUsually, when trying to organize, you look upwards. But, the floor is also a great area to utilize some creativity and save space. Place a few hampers or baskets on the floor underneath your pantry shelving. You can store utensils, bagged items or other clunky objects, while saving your upper kitchen pantry shelving for smaller items.

If you have children, you know how many “tubes” you collect. From sandwich baggies, to aluminum foil and paper towels, these general items are a pain to store. If you have a wine rack, finish up the remaining bottles of wine, and viola – you have a perfectly good tube organizer! You can also keep rolling pins and cooking oils from rolling around or making a mess.

Also, a great way to store glasses in your pantry is to hang them under the shelving. Simple t-mold or stemware racks will work perfectly for this and will ensure that no space goes under utilized in your kitchen pantry.

Follow these tips to maximize your kitchen pantry space, and call Harkraft Builders now to get started on building the kitchen pantry of your dreams! Fill out our form at our Contact page, or call 763.544.4478 today!