Organizing Your Condo: 3 Tips to Maximize Space

Living in a condo can be a fantastic way to put yourself in the neighborhood you want to live in  and that’s just one of the benefits. One of the only cons might be limited storage space. If you live in a condo, you probably think a lot about how to achieve the organized space you crave!

Conquer the Clutter

People who live in small spaces need to embrace a strict philosophy concerning what they bring into their homes. Most people go with a “one in, one out” plan to ensure that purchases are made thoughtfully, and the living space doesn’t end up looking like one big storage room with furniture in the middle. 

Edit Your Stuff

Before you can begin “one in, one out,” you need to get your home to a place that makes you happy. Pick your plan or your organizing guru and tackle your space. Give yourself the time to do the job. Be honest if possible and ruthless if necessary. 

Visual Clutter is Clutter 

You’ve vowed to rid your condo of stuff you don’t need or want, but don’t ignore visual clutter. You’re probably not going to donate your TV, unplug your computer, and get rid of your phone, but all the cords and chargers that come with electronics can create their own clutter. Think about installing drawers with charging ports hidden within and imagine how lovely it would be to get that tangle off the kitchen counter. If you can’t hide the cords for your computer or your TV in the wall, consider installing shallow wire shelving underneath or hooks on the back of desks to corral cords out of sight.

The entry to your house is probably another source of visual clutter. Shoes especially can make a space appear untidy, so think about solutions for shoes such as an over-the-door shoe rack. You may think there’s no solution for your entryway, but consider a custom plan to maximize the space you have.

Use Every Inch

You might look around your condo and feel like every inch is currently crammed full, but with fresh eyes, you may be able to create space seemingly from thin air. 

Go Vertical and Upside Down Too

Leave no space unfilled. Open shelving in the kitchen or dining area can do double duty. Install a stemware rack, hooks to hold mugs, or a wine bottle holder on the underside to keep glassware or wine off of the counter, out of the cabinets, and dust-free and ready to use. Creating an organized pantry (or, for small spaces, a shelf or cabinet designated as a pantry,) will allow you to keep less food on hand because you’ll know with a glance what you’ve got. Wire shelving systems with baskets and pull-out bins in a seemingly small or useless closet could become the Instagram ready pantry of your dreams.

Take a candid look at your closet. Chances are it could be working harder and looking better while doing it. Custom closet shelving will work better because it will be created to your needs. A simple double rod can instantly upgrade your closet, and that’s just the beginning.

Hide It in Plain Sight

You may envy that friend who always seems to have a clean, organized condo, but the secret to that success might be right in front of you. 


Choose furniture that makes use of smart storage ideas. A coffee table should be able to store your remotes away. Attractive baskets underneath side tables can hold spare throws and blankets. If you have a small table in the entryway, make sure it has drawers to keep things you might need as you go out the door. When you have room for a stylish bench, you have a spot for a pull-out compartment or a basket to hold your hats and mittens. Leave no shelf without a hook for a set of keys or an umbrella so stylish becomes part of your decor. 


No closet door should close without earning its keep! In your bathroom, install hooks or a wire rack on the back of the door to hold robes or the hair dryer. Your bedroom closet door could hold storage for jewelry, bags, ties, or belts.

His, Hers, Mine

Another challenge of living in a small space with another person can be that you are forced to confront not only your own stuff all the time, but that there’s really no way to avoid the other person’s clutter either. Whether you are the organized person or the one who has a hard time letting go of that favorite shirt with a ripped seam and two holes, consider custom storage for each of you. Carve out a smaller space within whatever closet space you have available dedicated to each person. Give each area a separate door so you don’t even have to confront the state of your partner’s denim collection.

Pulling it All Together

If you feel overwhelmed before you’ve even started to organize your condo and maximize your storage space, consider consulting a professional, or exploring customized storage solutions to your home. Harkraft is here to share our experience and expertise. Contact us to find out more about organizing your space.