Room Potential 101: Building a Multifaceted Bathroom Experience

The bathroom is a necessary and practical room in any home. What is sometimes easy to overlook when considering remodeling projects or upgrades to your home is that the bathroom can be so much more!

Your bathroom could be and should be a retreat within your home. You deserve a shower or bath you love, decor and finishing touches that make you happy, and other upgrades you might not have thought of. A custom bathroom should not be a frivolous luxury. Consider these ideas and go ahead and dream of your custom bathroom.

Furniture Style Built-Ins

Since when do beautiful built-in cabinets and shelves belong only in the bedroom or living room? Attractive custom storage can and should be incorporated into your bathroom experience. Custom means you can design the cabinets and built-ins to work within your design plan. A wall of bookshelves and drawers for a cottage-style bathroom. Open shelves and a floating vanity for a modern look. An extra tall or deep vanity to accommodate your height or wishes can be yours.

Custom Shower Enclosures

Chances are you start every day with a shower. No matter what type of space you’re working with, you can likely upgrade your shower experience by designing a custom shower enclosure to accommodate the space you have. Frameless enclosures showcase marble, stone, or custom tile work and take up little visual space within the room. Almost any configuration is possible.

Consider a Wet Room

Wet rooms, where an entire area is designed to get wet during a shower, were initially used to accommodate small spaces, often in city apartments worldwide. They have since become a luxurious must-have in many high-end bathrooms. Enclose an entire room in glass to draw attention to a knockout standalone soaking tub, beautiful plumbing fixtures, and walls of marble or tile worthy of the display.

Make It a Retreat

Think about all the time you spend getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening in your bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to music or your favorite podcast while you put on makeup in the morning or catch up on the news while you brush your teeth? Imagine incorporating a TV to watch an episode of your favorite show while you soak away your stress each night? Why shouldn’t you be able to call up your favorite playlist in the bathroom just like any other room in the house? Add features to upgrade your bathroom from so-so to wow with audiovisual and entertainment equipment. 

Luxe Touches

Luxury is different for every person, but overall, it goes above and beyond the simple purpose it was designed. You need a vanity and a sink of some kind in your bathroom, to be sure. What can be gained by upgrading your vanity, sink, or other features in your bathroom from basic to luxurious? A beautiful sink with plumbing fixtures that you love to touch can elevate the simple, mundane task of brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

Upgrade decor items in your bathroom to create a sense of luxury and retreat. When you upgrade to a custom vanity, don’t settle for the sink that you inherited when you bought the house. Custom mirrors over the vanity or full-length mirrors fixed to the wall or leaning casually against the wall should also be a part of elevating your custom bathroom.

Do What You Love

Give yourself permission to incorporate elements into your custom bathroom design that will give you joy! Have you always wanted a shower as big as a guest bedroom? If you can make it happen, you should. 

If you’re going to upgrade your bathtub, don’t settle for anything less than a deep soaking tub if that’s what you want. Add a television or full surround sound system if you want to listen to opera while you shower. 

Include a green wall or a large potted plant if you crave a touch of nature indoors. Luxe lighting can also make a big difference. When you flip on the light, and the light is an over-the-top chandelier, you’ve changed your entire mood.  

Don’t be afraid to add furniture – a chair or bench to perch when you’re thinking or a sculptural side table to set a glass of wine on when you relax in the bath. Skip the bathmat and include a rug that elevates your design instead. 

Work With People Who Know Their Stuff

At Harkraft, we have a lot of experience helping homeowners turn their design ideas into luxurious realities. We know that custom storage and vanities and bespoke touches like shower enclosures, custom mirrors, and beautiful plumbing fixtures can make all the difference in your custom bathroom. 

Contact us today to talk to a designer about turning your bathroom into a retreat within your home.