Room Potential 101: You Deserve the Best Possible Bedroom

For many people, the bedrooms, especially the owner’s bedroom, are often the last place to get the remodel or revision it deserves. We put it off in favor of focusing our attention on more public-facing spaces in the house. 

It’s time to invest some time and attention into your bedroom! You deserve an organized sanctuary where you can relax. Whether it’s time for a major remodel or you’re looking to make small changes, or working with a small budget, you can update your bedroom with some simple solutions and start reaping the benefits today.

Add Shelves

Not much looks messier or more disorganized than stacks of things. If all the surfaces of your bedroom are covered with books, shoes, handbags, or decorative objects in a collection, you should aim to get everything onto shelves for a more polished look. You might not think you have the space for shelving, and you might be right. 

An attractive built-in shelving system can add value and valuable space if you’ve got the square footage, but even installing floating shelves over doors or in a perimeter around the room overhead can give the room an abundance of storage for books, sneakers, or a collection of vintage perfume bottles. 

Small Closets, Big Closets, No Closets

If the goal is a more organized, restful bedroom, the closet is often the most logical place to start. Even large walk-in closets can use an occasional overhaul. You may need more shelving and less hanging space, or your denim collection might have taken over and require custom shelving. 

Improve standard reach-in closets and walk-in closets alike by configuring and installing custom wire shelving. Include as much hanging space as you need or double-decker hanging rods for kids’ clothes or tops. Plan for shoe storage and pull-out bins, and hooks for purses and accessories.

If the major obstacle of your bedroom is that you don’t have a closet or the one you have is postage-stamp-sized, create a wardrobe without losing much square footage. Work on your own if you’re handy, or call in the pros to install custom laminate cabinetry with as many drawers, shelves, and hanging space as you need. Use sliding doors to minimize the footprint in a smaller room.

Under the Bed

Custom storage can also be helpful in unexpected spots. In place of a bed frame, create a platform for your mattress that includes large drawers for out-of-season storage or linens. Include a headboard that incorporates custom storage to extend the good storage vibes. 

Nightstands and Bedside

If the first thing you see every morning is a tangle of charging cords and clutter next to your bed, you might be starting your day on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak. At the very least, use clips to hold charging cables on the wall side of the table, out of sight. 

Don’t underestimate the benefit of having a dedicated bedside table if you’re currently piling everything on the floor. Affix floating shelves to the wall near the bed to hold a light, chargers, reading glasses, and your phone, or invest in a nightstand and some attractive baskets or trays to keep things looking intentional.


The real issue holding you back from enjoying your bedroom might be that your bedroom is also your office space. It can be challenging to let work go at the end of the day when your laptop is right there, and your desk is next to the bed. 

Consider a few different solutions to get your work out of sight and mind when the workday is through. One idea to contemplate is creating a custom work surface that looks like an attractive piece of furniture. 

Include loads of clever hidden storage so that everything work-related can be filed, tucked, and hidden away at quitting time. Use wire shelving in the drawers to create a place for files and work in progress.

Convert a small closet or alcove, either in your bedroom or guest bedroom or another space in your house, to reclaim your bedroom. Tear out the existing hanging rack and shelving. Build out a custom work surface and storage space. Don’t forget an attractive touch or two like a piece of art or wallpapering the closet’s back wall. 

Put the entire workspace on casters and either turn it around at the end of the day (make sure the back looks as good as the front) or roll the entire thing out of the room and into a little used spot for the weekend.

Different Solutions to Maximize Potential

Smart storage is the key to transforming your bedroom into the best version of itself. Talk to the professionals at Harkraft about designing built-in laminate cabinets or shelving for your closet or bedroom. Update closets or existing storage with wire shelving to get the most out of your storage spaces. Contact us today to find out all the ways we can help you get the best possible bedroom.