Room Potential 101: Your Basement is More than a Basement

Are you in possession of an unfinished basement? You’re basically sitting on top of square footage that could transform your entire home. The untapped potential of your unfinished basement is no joke. 

Whether you’re ready for a major renovation to a completely blank space or to carve out some usable square footage from a cramped or dingy basement, now is the time to consider how to transform your basement into a livable space the entire family can enjoy.


Often, when houses are built, a sizable lower-level basement will be left unfinished. An unfinished basement, especially a walk-out, is pure potential. Turn that untapped space into a spot to entertain friends and family with a bar and lounge seating, a place for teenagers to hang out so they don’t have to gather in your kitchen, or a sophisticated place to enjoy the finer things like wine. 

Consider the possibilities: Outfit the space with a wet bar and include wine storage, a fridge for snacks, and a dishwasher to clean everything up at the end of the evening. Take advantage of any lack of light by transforming the spot into a cinema or game space with a big screen or projector, a comfy sectional that invites everyone to stay awhile, and seating to accommodate games.

Add a Bedroom

Adding an additional bedroom to your house is like completely changing your home, whether you plan to stay forever and even if you plan to list the home for sale in the future. With the addition of a legal window if needed and some smart closet solutions, you’ve upgraded your home by one bedroom. You don’t need to regularly invite guests to stay to see the benefits of an extra bedroom in your basement either. 

If this past year has collectively taught us anything about our homes, it’s that a quiet place to work or zoom or e-learn is invaluable. Turn the bedroom into a flex space by including innovative solutions like custom cabinetry that can function as a workspace by day and a dresser by night when guests come to stay. 

Store Everything

There is no reason to struggle any longer with stacks of boxes or bins of seasonal or holiday items. Even if you’re not ready or able to completely remake your basement at this time, the addition of workhorse wire shelving systems can transform your storage space. 

Line any basement room with wire shelving systems, which are strong and completely low-maintenance, and you can suddenly run downstairs and find that winter jacket you’ve been saving for your niece without moving stacks of storage containers and holiday decorations.

Go Big

When you peer down the stairs at the empty space of your basement, what you’re looking at is the potential to remake your home. Consider installing a wine cellar in your basement to take advantage of the joy of collecting and enjoying wine while also reaping the benefits of a future real-estate listing if that’s in your future. Many high-end home buyers consider dedicated wine storage to be a must-have in any home they consider. 

Including a dedicated wine cellar in your home is not beyond the reach of even those with modest budgets. Indeed, you can spend big on a wine cellar, and you should if you are able, and wine is a passion. 

When many people think of a home wine cellar, they picture a recreation of a Tuscan tasting room, with racks and racks of wine bottles lining the space in a climate-controlled environment. Yes! That exact scenario is a possibility if that is your vision. When installing a wine cellar in your home, your vision can be the guiding principle, however modest or grand. 

A wine cellar in your home can also be carved out of a closet-sized space in your basement. It can be a reach-in area with modest climate controls that keep the wine at an ideal temperature to enjoy and lined with racks that allow you to keep your favorite wine on hand and collect wine when you travel. 

Turn Your Basement Into Livable Space

When you’re thinking about remaking your basement, talk to the experts at Harkraft to gain the benefit of our decades of experience in transforming homes across the Twin Cities. We know storage like no one else, and we can help you navigate the options. 

If you’re thinking about wine storage, no one around has more experience than Harkraft from initial design to installation and climate control. Talk to us today about your vision for your basement, and let us help you see the possibilities.