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Shower Remodeling – Modern Door Style

white marble throomInvesting in your home bathroom is one of the most tried and tested ways to increase your resale value. As an extra bonus, you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor as well by being able to use a beautiful new shower. Finding a door to fit in with your decor doesn’t have to be a hassle, it can be as simple as consulting the company that has all the latest style and the knowledge to help you decide. We can advise you as to the best aesthetic choices, safest supports and newest technology when it comes to redecorating your bathroom.

Modern Shower Doors

Some of the more modern designs feature the tub next to the shower, with everything enclosed into by a large glass shower door. This gives the user more room and keeps the two activities separate. For those who may not have as much space, there are more conventional glass framed or frameless shower doors choices. Whether your bathroom has an alcove, corner or tub shower, there’s an option here that can make the difference between a boring bathroom or one that stands out by working with your home’s natural properties.

Shower Door Contractors

We’ll help you look at your bathroom’s angles and stud supports before deciding on a selection. A safe installation now means you’ll save a lot of hassle later on. There are specific types of doors and installation techniques for your shower (such as eliminating a shower curb) that can more easily accommodate people with special needs. A shower with a curb means that handicapped people will have a more difficult time getting in and out of the shower. Even if you don’t have use for this, the person who purchases your home next may appreciate the extra precaution. You may have unusual tile construction or an oddly shaped room: whatever it is, we can help you work with it.
Your shower door needs to be able to swing outwardly, though we have doors that will swing inwards too on a flexible hinge. Obviously the more water you keep inside the shower rather than outside is preferable (especially if your shower door ends at the floor), so an outwards swing might only be used on special occasions. Harkraft can be of assistance as there is a lot to consider. Even simple shower door changes come with their own sets of questions about how you want both your shower door and overall bathroom to look and feel. Both older and newer interiors alike can benefit from finding the perfect fit.

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