Six Signs Your Laundry Area Needs An Update

The laundry area might not be the most glamorous spot in the house, but, like it or not, you need to get the laundry done. You might as well make your laundry area an efficient space where you’re happy to spend a little time. It’s easy to put off an update of the laundry room because these areas are pretty straightforward, single-use spaces that you may not often think about. But you’d be surprised at how much easier your life can be with an updated laundry area. Read on for some signs that an update is a good idea–as well as some organization tips to make it happen. 

Clutter Is Taking Over

Clutter is sneaky. Once you banish it from your kitchen or your mudroom, you might find that clutter will make its way into the next space that is due for an organization update. For many people, the laundry room can be that place. The laundry room can become a catch-all for cleaning products, linens, odds and ends, even seasonal storage, and, oh yeah, all that laundry! 

Since you’re bound to spend time in the laundry room, you deserve a space that isn’t covered in clutter that makes your tasks more burdensome. The addition of wire shelving or laminate cabinets customized to your needs is a simple, inexpensive solution that can make a world of difference. 

Inefficient Flow

Dirty laundry comes in, is sorted, gets washed, dried, and then everything is folded and put away, right? The best-case scenario for any laundry area is a smooth process where each step follows the next. If you find that you have to delay putting things in the drier because your washing machine is new and quick and your dryer is on its last leg or piles of laundry are taking over the floor, you’re probably due for an update. 

Be sure to include a sorting station when you update the space so the laundry piles become a thing of the past. 

You Have No Workspace

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to haul the clean laundry up to the couch to get it all folded and on its way to being put away neatly? Few things are as dispiriting as a basket of clean, fluffy laundry slowly growing wrinkled on top of the dryer. 

Update your laundry space with a system of custom shelves or custom cabinets that includes a worktop so you can fold clothes right out of the dryer or off the line. Don’t forget a spot for a small TV or tablet so you can catch up on podcasts or your favorite show while you fold.

You Dread Doing Laundry

If you sometimes run out of clean socks or t-shirts, you know you’re avoiding doing the laundry. Since laundry is eternal, you deserve a space that doesn’t make you want to run and hide. Think about what would make you happy. Visit your favorite shelter and design websites for ideas. 

You Need More Space

The laundry room is an afterthought in many homes, tucked away in the basement near the furnace. This unfinished space also tends to collect items that don’t seem to belong anywhere else, like holiday decorations, sporting equipment, or things you mean to get rid of. All this extra stuff can encroach on your laundry space over time. Your laundry room can be a storage workhorse if you plan for efficient laundry storage. 

Install a custom laminate cabinets system or update your existing laundry storage with a wire system to maximize efficiency.

You’re Ready for a Fresh Design

Why can’t the laundry room be beautiful too? If you’ve been clicking through Pinterest and Instagram for years jealous of laundry rooms designed to be eye-catching and efficient, it’s time for you to consider laundry room design. 

Think about what you need in a laundry room, such as a system of built-in cabinets, pull-out bins for sorting clothes, a work surface for folding clothes, and a spot to hang delicates to dry. Don’t forget to consider what you want in your laundry room design as well: invest in matching Instagram-worthy baskets, consider a bright accent wall or a great light fixture. 

Harkraft Can Help You Get There

Whether you’re considering an update or you already know precisely what you want for your laundry room design, we can help you make it happen. Our designers can help you sort through the options, so you’ll be thrilled with the end results. Harkraft has decades of experience working with homeowners to design and install innovative, beautiful storage throughout the home. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together to make your laundry room work for you.