Six Tips for Enhancing Your Garage Space During Warm Weather Months

Those of us in cold climates know for sure that winter is a messy season for the garage. Cars track in slush, salt, and salt, and you do your best to clean things up on sunny days, but there’s not much that can be done until the weather warms up. 

As warmer temperatures roll around, take advantage of the season to enhance and update your garage space so the entire family can take advantage of the storage possibilities offered by the garage this summer. Set yourself up for the cold weather that’s sure to follow as snow flies again next year. Keep reading for some organizational tips that will help you take advantage of your garage space.

Clean Up and Declutter

The enemy of any efficient space is clutter, and there’s no doubt clutter thrives during the just-trying-to-survive winter months. Take advantage of a warm weekend day to give the garage a thorough cleaning. Start by taking everything out of the garage that you can. Clean up the floors that have suffered the onslaught of slush and salt. Take care of leaf litter or spills. 

Don’t put anything back into the garage that you don’t need. Sell or donate old toys or sporting equipment that your family has outgrown. Look for expired cleaning products or chemicals. Get rid of old paint and other odds and ends. 

Add Vertical Storage

Garages are ideal for pushing storage up and out of reach because so much of what’s stored in a garage (especially in a place with distinct seasons) is inherently seasonal. Look up and think about the things you only need to access rarely, like outdoor holiday decorations, kayaks, rooftop boxes for the car, and seasonal recreational items. 

Install effortless mechanical lifts or opt for a simple pulley system. The goal is to get bulky and seasonal items out of the way and off of the garage floor. 

Reclaim Project Space

Take back the garage by including innovative storage solutions throughout the space. Moving oversized items off the floor opens up space for a workbench or spot to tune up bikes. Make built-in laminate cabinets part of your plan to give the garage an intentional look. Cabinets can include drawers, pull-out shelves, and locking doors to keep valuable tools and hazardous materials out of little hands.

Make the Garage More Appealing

Whether you want to spend more time in the garage working on projects or you’re just tired of looking at it when you get in your car in the morning, your garage might benefit from some thoughtful upgrades. 

Consider painting your garage floor or going further and having it epoxied, or doing it yourself. Epoxy is tough enough to stand up to the abuse of cold climates and makes clean up easier while it looks good. 

Install intuitive task lighting and upgrade to efficient LED lighting while you’re at it.

Equipment Maintenance

Take the time this summer to fix anything that’s been wearing out. Check the garage door tracks and door lasers for dust and cobwebs. Have the snowblower and lawnmower tuned up. Change light bulbs and check ventilation systems.

Make Storage Easy

Storage works better when it makes sense. Think about the way your family lives and the ways you use your garage before you plan your storage. Create storage zones within the garage, so everyone knows where to find the things they need: the kids should have an easily accessible wire shelving system where they can grab chalk, jump ropes, and yard games. Adults should easily be able to grab charcoal for the grill.

Consider a combination of custom laminate cabinets with wire shelving inside to corral and organize everything your family uses on sunny days and hide away the car care equipment and keep the tools safe. 

Call on the Storage Experts at Harkraft

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