Stuck With Little Closet Space? You Don’t Need Closet Hacks, You Need Practical Solutions 

There’s no end to articles and videos featuring unique closet hacks that promise to solve your storage problems for good. Some of these hacks may look great, but they’re often impractical and difficult to put into place.

Instead, why not focus on some practical solutions that utilize every inch of your precious closet space? You need real solutions to make the space in your closet work for you, and we have some great ideas to help get you started!


Whether you have a couple of tiny closets or a single closet that just isn’t getting the job done, there are ways to work with the space you have. Check out these awesome organization tips that will help you revamp your closet’s storage so it can become a cozy home for everything you need to have stored away. 

Pull Everything Out

When you need to do a full closet overhaul, the first step is to take everything out of your closet. Pull out all the clothes, totes full of knickknacks, and whatever else has been shoved into the corners, and lay it all out.

This can be a time-consuming process, but it will be worth it in the end. You’ll want to sort through everything you’ve pulled out and organize it first into two separate piles; what you actually use, and what you’ve been holding onto ‘just in case.’ That pile of stuff that’s been taking up your precious storage space but is never used anymore has got to go.

That doesn’t mean you should let go of personal mementos and things that have sentimental value. It means that you should clear out all the items that were bought for a purpose and are no longer needed. 

Those roller skates you bought for an event last year and never really plan on using again shouldn’t be taking up valuable closet space. You can always rent a pair if you ever need to go skating again, and you can use the space they free up for more important things.

Once you’ve gotten through the pile of belongings that you’ve been holding onto and have decided you’re ready to part with, it’s time to tackle the next big step. Go through your remaining pile and sort the items by function. Put all your clothes in one pile, knickknacks in another, valuables in a separate pile, etc. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready to implement the following great small closet organization ideas!

Turn Your Unused Space Into Storage Havens

You may think that there’s no ‌way to increase the storage space in your closet, but with the right organization tips, you’d be surprised at how much room you really have to work with.

For example, take a look at the back wall of your closet. This space is probably covered by clothes hanging on the rack in your closet, but it’s an untapped storage resource space! This is the perfect area for putting in some custom shelves that are perfect for organizing in a tiny closet.

With custom shelves, you can have them built to a size and shape that works with your tiny closet and doesn’t affect the clothes you hang up. This can give you a lot of extra storage space for trinkets, small memory boxes, and other items that you want to hold on to but don’t have room to display in your home.

Another potential untapped resource that you’ll want to use is your ceiling space. This is the perfect spot to add some hooks and hang clothes. You could even use smaller bags filled with other precious items and hang them from the ceiling. 

Use All the Organizers

Homeowners have been in need of small closet organization ideas for quite some time, and the market is flooded with different organizers for you to use. There are hanging organizers that go over your closet door, plastic organizers with multiple compartments for smaller items, and shoe racks that can fit in almost any space!

These organizers are designed to help you save space, and they’re a great resource for getting your closet organized. If you don’t already, ‌consider adding some wire shelves to your closet.

Wire shelves are great for organizing your closet because they can hold a large amount of weight, and they can fit tons of these closet organizers. You can even hang shoe racks and other organizers from your wire shelves! They’re sturdy enough to hold the extra weight, and their design makes them easy to clip on a shoe rack or storage cubes. 

Solve Your Storage Worries With Harkraft

You need a practical solution to help you make the most of your closet’s storage space, and Harkraft is here to help. We’ll help you figure out the best small closet organization ideas that work with your space and install some wire or custom shelves with a design that you’ll love. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you turn your closet into the perfect storage space.